I am just writing to tell you that a few years ago I ‘liked’ your facebook page, not knowing ANYTHING about homeopathy. Your posts intrigued me to look around more and to learn more about homeopathy. Finally, I decided that I needed to be properly educated. I enrolled in Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative in Newton, MA.
That was three years ago. I will graduate in June. What an incredible journey it has been!
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. It was because you shared information that I decided to learn more. I wish you well and thank you again! Kim Sullivan


I have 2 children, 3 years old and 1 year old, and recently travelled for 5 weeks to the UK via Los Angeles and New York. I was worried about the travelling involved in the trip and how my children would adjust to the flights, changing time zones, and multiple long car trips within the UK too. I had previously travelled overseas just with our eldest daughter (then 2 years old) and whilst the trip involved less travelling, it was quite traumatic and once the nightmare of the actual flights were over, the jet lag my daughter experienced lasted nearly a week both ways.

I sought Sam’s help this time around to try and minimise the trauma for all of us involved and to make the most of our time away. Sam’s help was invaluable – the Jetlag kit she prepared for us made the flights much more bearable, the kids slept, and we all found the jetlag minimal every time we changed timezone. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my husband and I were only jetlagged for 24 hours, and the children were back to their normal sleeping patterns by day 2. I thoroughly recommend Sam’s services for anyone considering a long haul flight with children! Courtaney Tanish

Sydney, May 2012, -Jetlag

My son suffered from extreme shyness and social phobia, to the point where he was unable to even wave goodbye to people other than his parents. With Sam’s remedies, he is now confident enough to interact with strangers, smiling, waving, saying goodbye and thank you and has even just started talking to the babysitter and making friends with other children! I’m very happy with the results and I trust Sam with any child-related problems, even “strange” ones like the one we had! We will definitely keep coming back! Leda Singer

Sydney, March 2011

At 12 1/2 months I brought my highly active son to see Sam. My son was a very poor sleeper who woke frequently throughout the night to breastfeed and had to be held and rocked for any chance of a day sleep- which was more often than not very short. He had also reacted to past vaccinations with reflux, more sleep issues and constant colds. Despite his intelligence and loving nature we needed some help.

Sam prescribed a homeopathic remedy for my son, a few drops only once! My son is now 14 months old and is a dream toddler, he sleeps through the night (no control crying involved), has two day naps, is weaned from breastfeeding (with no issues) has greatly increased his vocabulary and is much calmer and happier in general. Additionally, he has not had a cold since. Needless to say we are thrilled at the results for our son Jackie King

Sydney, October 2010

Dear Sam
Just a quick note to say that I love your e zine and particularly enjoy your film presentations. You have a natural talent in presenting, your style is relaxed, informative and heart warming. Keep up the good work and know that you are greatly appreciated from afar.

For your invaluable support during the birth and early days of our son Levi (who, by the way, is almost five months now and a bonny baby if ever there was one ! ) on behalf of Claudia and myself I thank you once again.

All the best and ……
WELL DONE David Keys

London, UK. 2010

Thank you for all you help during my wife’s pregnancy and especially during the labour. During the 26 hours of labour we used the remedy for exhaustion frequently, and there were three specific times when the process seemed to stall and my wife was really stuck. She didn’t know what to do to keep things moving, and I certainly didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, each time this happened I read through the concise list of symptoms and remedies that you provided. What a great tool! Even without any medical background on my part, your list of symptoms made it easy to choose a remedy to give my wife. Every single time she took a remedy there was a change within minutes.
We were so relieved, and the labour continued on, culminated with a natural delivery (in my hands!) of our gorgeous daughter. As you recommended, we started giving my wife Arnica right after the birth, and she recovered so well that the hospital said we could leave just two hours later.
Your advice and remedies made such a huge difference in how the labour went, and in how I felt personally about my involvement. For the most part, I was pretty helpless to do anything for my wife. Being able to offer homeopathic remedies gave me a chance to really take part and be of value in this most important event of our lives. Thank you so much. I would recommend the use of homoepathics during pregnancy and labour to everyone. Michael Trembath

Sydney, Australia 2009

Just wanted to let you know how well you diagnosed & prescribed for our family some weeks ago when we were all suffering from a gastro/vomiting sickness. Our 2 younger daughters in particular had been ill for 30 hours & were rather weak & within 2 hours of your medication had literally turned the corner! The same medication prevented my son & I from the same symptoms staying as long as it did for the girls.

Considering this diagnosis was done by phone (as we live in Melbourne), to confidently treat the children at home with your expertise is not only comforting but also the best choice for my family.

Homeopathy gives me peace of mind in treating my children. Louise Fowler

Melbourne. Australia 2007

As the mother of a boy with mild aspergers syndrome, life has been at times both stressful and volatile. When I first visited Sam Adkins we were going through just such a period. Boys like this hate change to their routine, and we had moved from England, changed schools and each year we were changing teachers and classmates. I had a very angry little boy who was not at all happy. He loved Sam from the start and she immediately chose the right remedy for him and within weeks his anger just seemed to subside. The relief to us all was incredible. But the most valuable part of homoeopathy in the hands of a skilled practitioner like Sam, is that it is an ongoing, ever changing treatment, and now we all feel much more in control – I am convinced that whatever life throws at us, homoeopathy will support us.

I will always think of Sam as a vital part of our son’s development. Francesca Deane

Sydney 2007

Thank you so much for supplying us with your jetlag kit. It’s great finally to have found something that really works – and to be able to enjoy an overseas holiday right from the first day. William Teasdale

Sydney 2006

After a cesearian operation I used Sam’s cesearian recovery kit and my expedient recovery from the operation and long labour after using the Homeopathic medicines was extraordinary. I also used a homeopathic remedy to avoid induction after my baby was overdue and within seven hours , as prescribed, my labour commenced!

Thank you for all your support! Anna Harpley

Sydney 2007

Emotional issues within my family which were causing me to become increasingly anxious and unhappy brought me to see Sam, and she has proved to be the most astute and intuitive homoeopath. She found me my “constitutional remedy “and it rebalanced my emotions and restored my calmness and confidence.

She is a caring and understanding person and I feel absolutely that I can rely on her to repair me, body and soul. Frannie Staniforth

Sydney 2005

It was after successfully treating my son for allergy issues that I discovered that Sam had many remedies to aid in modern life. We were about to fly directly to Rome from Sydney and Sam suggested we try taking her homeopathic remedy for Jetlag. We all took the remedy, including my somewhat sceptical husband and our two children. It was incredible! It absolutely turned a normally tired and torturous first couple days overseas into a holiday where we could just hit the ground running. My husband actually said “physically he felt as good as if we had only flown the two hours to Brisbane”. When I fly long haul now I always use Sam’s jet lag kit. Jane Pegus

Sydney 2006