Start with a Smile!

Start with a Smile!

Homeopathic healing can be straight forward, especially with acute ailments such as flu. Some patients however, need to realise that there is an important aspect of their own healing journey that they need to encompass. This is a positive attitude. In this article, we will explore why this is important and how it can be incorporated into homeopathic treatment.

You will already know from previous articles that the body is a self healing organism. We know this because we have all cut our finger and seen it heal. Our bodies can heal at a deep cellular level and studies have shown that we are able to make significant changes to our immune biochemistry.

The Vital Force

This healing ability is referred to by Homeopaths as the Vital Force. It’s what distinguishes us from each other and from inanimate things. In a healthy, balanced state, your Vital Force can overcome trauma,- whether physical, mental and emotional and initiate rapid healing. Homeopathy taps into this innate healing power by stimulating this process. However, if you choose also, to have a positive attitude around your health, then you will heal faster and more easily than the person who is pessimistic.

A case example

My Homeopathic colleague recently took on a patient who had had a long term HIV status and so far had avoided any medications. However, he had recently had an alarming T-cell (a type of white blood cell) level of around 200, which means that he had a very short time before medications would be essential to help him survive opportunistic infections. His Homeopath prescribed some homeopathic medicines specific to this immune system issue and then also prescribed laughter therapy because the patient needed some quick results

This patient took this on board and started watching funny movies and within two week of doing this intensively, his T-cell count raised to over 300 putting him out of the critical danger zone!

Laughter therapy

You have probably all heard the story of Norman Cousins who reversed his Ankylosing Spondylitis with laughter therapy in spite of doctors giving him a one in 500 chance of recovery. He found that 15 minutes of laughter gave him two pain free hours of sleep and developed his own laughter therapy system.

So how does this work?

Well this is now actually part of the science of phsyconeuroimmunnology – the study of how psychological factors, the brain and the immune system interact to influence health.

Laughter has the following immune system boosting effects:

  • Releases stressful emotions that can produce negative biochemical effects
  • Raises your heart rate to 120 beats per minute giving you a cardiac workout!
  • Lowers your blood pressure (especially in women)
  • Increases vascular flow
  • Uses abdominal, intercostal, respiratory accessory and facial muscles
  • Releases endorphins in the brain

Overall studies have shown belly laughter to have a powerful immune system boosting effect with changes in specific immune system cell activity and production.

What You Can Do Now

To ward off illnesses, start smiling, as this has also been shown to start some of the positive biochemical changes that belly laughter provides. This whole positive attitude will not only allow you to cope better yourself with any illnesses, but will also help others who care for you to be positive too!

So…..If you do have a chronic illness especially, bear in mind that as well as stimulating your healing capacity with Homeopathic medicines, you can also laugh your way to health!

Just start with a SMILE 🙂

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Happy Homeopathic home prescribing!

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