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Dear Friend,
If you’re like many people, you’ve probably been urged to believe that conventional medicine is the only reasonable way to address illnesses and other conditions. After all, drug companies spend billions of dollars each year not only developing medications, but creating compelling advertisements to sell them.
Why do they spend this much money? It’s because they know consumers will believe their claims. And they’ll spend tonnes of money buying conventional medications to treat not only major illnesses, but also everyday conditions like colds, influenza, coughs, and mild fevers.
But deep inside, you have a growing sense of doubt. You recognize that humans have used natural remedies to treat a wide variety of conditions for centuries, and you get the feeling that, just maybe, there are healthier, more natural ways to care for your family than you’ll find at your local pharmacy.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you:

You worry that you’re needlessly spending money on prescription and over-the-counter drugs when natural remedies might be just as effective
You wonder if natural remedies might actually be healthier for you and your family than the pills and lotions you keep in your medicine cabinet.
You’re concerned about the side effects of conventional medications, and you wonder if they do more harm than good to your family.
You fear that conventional medications might actually compromise your family members’ immune systems and make them more susceptible to illness.
You don’t know where to go to get reliable information on natural treatments so that you can use them to protect your family’s health.
You wish that someone would provide you with a simple way to understand homeopathic treatments… so that you could finally reduce your dependency on conventional medications.

You’re not alone. People from all walks of life are beginning to recognize the pitfalls of depending solely on over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and are looking for more natural treatments to protect their families.

Natural Healing Doesn’t Have to Be a Mystery!

For many people, homeopathy seems confusing. They don’t know how to find accurate, useful information to help them make informed choices for their families. And so they continue buying the same old medicines…..when they could just as easily use natural and effective natural medicines!
But what if you could quickly and easily obtain a wealth of information on natural, long-standing remedies… and use them to alleviate common symptoms and illnesses that you, your partner, and your children experience? And what if you could learn exactly how to use these natural treatments to not only reduce or eliminate symptoms, but to strengthen your family members’ immune systems to ward off future illnesses and conditions?
You’d feel relieved, knowing that you’re helping your family to improve their natural immunity to resist future infections!
You’d feel accomplished, knowing you’re making informed choices to keep your family as healthy as possible!
You’d feel empowered, knowing that you can now easily address illnesses and other conditions with Homeopathic remedies!
You’d feel free, knowing that you can take care of your family’s health simply and inexpensively!
In a moment, you’re going to discover an incredible resource for using natural medicines to keep your family’s health at peak levels. But first, let me share a bit about my story…

My Journey to Homeopathic Medicine

My name is Sam Adkins, but I’m better known to many as The Homeopathic Coach. I’m also a qualified, experienced holistic counsellor, and I’ve helped many people in Australia, the UK, and many other areas as a homeopathic since 2003.

But I didn’t always have a passion for homeopathy. Like many people (and probably even like you), I was raised to believe that conventional medicine was the obvious choice. But when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ disease (a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system) at age 18… I experienced the harmful effects of heavy-handed, conventional medical treatment.

This experience led me to look for a more natural, gentler approach to health. The journey lasted several years, but I finally came to understand the natural treatments that humans had used for centuries to address diseases and illnesses, and I became passionate about helping others achieve wellness through homeopathic treatments as well.

Today, I’m committed to helping people just like you discover the enormous healing power of natural remedies. I regularly hold workshops where families can learn how to choose and administer homeopathic remedies to improve their health and boost their immunity. I also speak at a variety of corporate and private functions and events. But I wanted to do even more!

That’s why I’ve created a suite of easy-to-follow, comprehensive resources for health-conscious people just like you!

If You’re FINALLY Ready to Experience the Healing Benefits of Homeopathy… and Stop Paying Top Dollar for Conventional Drugs… You Owe it to Yourself to Get Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course !

Most people don’t have the time in their busy schedules to spend countless hours researching homeopathic remedies on your own. And even if you did, it’s nearly impossible to know whether the information you’re getting is reliable.

I’ve designed Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course to provide you with easy-to-follow, comprehensive homeopathic treatments through carefully crafted video modules and PDF handbooks. You’ll have access to these modules and resources instantly… and you can learn the treatments and techniques at your own convenience, any time of the day or night!

Here’s Exactly What You Get with Homeopathic Coach's Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course Today…

You get four engaging video modules jam-packed with all the information you need to use homeopathic remedies to treat everyday illnesses, injuries, and other conditions… without spending lots of money on conventional treatments or putting your family risk of side effects or other dangerous conditions.

These modules are perfect for complete beginners. Even if you’ve never researched or used a natural remedy in your life, you’ll get everything you need with our easy-to-understand visuals, instructions, and discussions.

IMPORTANT: You should only use the information contained in these modules under the guidance of a general physician to ensure that no serious, pre-existing medical conditions exist.

MODULE 1: Background Basics and Treatment of Fevers

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamental principles and theories of homeopathy. You’ll also discover how you can easily use natural treatments to address mild to moderate fevers.

Throughout this module, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • The History of Homeopathy
  • Homeopathic Principles
  • The Rules of Homeopathy
  • Homeopathic Medicines
  • Potency and Repetition
  • Homeopathic Practical Case taking
  • How to Treat Fevers with Homeopathy
  • The 7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Fevers
  • Practical case work for fevers
MODULE 2: How to Treat Coughs, Colds, and Flu with Homeopathy

This module begins with a recap of the homeopathic theories you discovered in Module 1, so that you can effectively use these concepts in everyday practice. You’ll also get valuable information for treating common colds, coughs, and influenza with homeopathic remedies.

In this module, we’ll cover:

  • Practical Casework for Colds
  • The 10 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Colds
  • Practical Casework for Coughs
  • The 13 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Coughs
  • Treating Influenza Homeopathically
  • The 4 Best Homeopathic Flu Medicines
MODULE 3: Homeopathic First Aid

In this module, you’ll learn how to use natural remedies for first aid treatment. We’ll cover:

  • How to Prescribe in First Aid Situations
  • The Top 4 Herbal Tinctures Homeopaths Use
  • 12 First Aid Situations (including bites, stings, burns, and fractures)
  • Homeopathic pre- and post-operative care
  • Sam’s Personal First Aid Kit Contents
  • Homeopathic First Aid for Emotional Distress
  • Practical Casework for First Aid
MODULE 4: How to Treat Gastric Grumbles and Tummy Troubles

Throughout this module, you’ll discover how to use natural remedies for stomach and digestive system ailments. We’ll cover:

  • All About the Digestive System
  • Learn About our “Second Brain”
  • How to Treat Nausea, Diarrhea, and Vomiting with Homeopathy
  • How to Treat Stomach Pains, Hemorrhoids, and Constipation with Homeopathy
  • How to Treat Motion Sickness Naturally
  • Practical Prescribing Casework
And you’re also getting convenient PDF handbooks for each module, so that you’ll be able to find the information you need at a moment’s notice!

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I understand that after going through these information-packed modules, you might still have questions about your transition to homeopathic treatment. That’s why I’d like to offer you a personal introductory session with me. My sessions typically cost $170 AUD… but when you purchase Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course today… you’re getting a coupon for $66 off your introductory session!

That means you can discuss your questions, concerns, and treatment plan with me for just…

Protect Your Family (and Your Money) with The Homeopathic Coach's Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course Today!

Why wait another day to get your hands on the incredible information you need to support your family’s best health? With Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Online Homeopathy Course, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips… even if you’re completely new to homeopathy!

“The Course was brilliant!”

“I did The Homeopathic Coach’s Course because I am a Naturopath looking to increase my knowledge of Homeopathy. The courses were brilliant! Sam, you are a wonderful teacher, and have a very clear way of describing remedies and how to use them. You really bring Homeopathy to life and keep it interesting. Overall I found that I learnt a lot and have a much clearer understanding of how Homeopathy works.”

Lara Boielle

Bondi Beach, Sydney , Australia, Naturopath:

“Fabulous – I would do more!””

“I did Sam’s Family Homeopathy Course because I have used Homeopathy for a while and wanted to confirm the way I was treating my family was correct. The course was fabulous……I would do more when they are available!”.”

Andreina Amato

North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

“I liked the bonus gifts including the First Aid E-book”

“I did The Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Homeopathy Course because I wanted to be more skilled in practising and prescribing for my family. Im time poor and I like to have possibilities to try things at home immediately and not wait to have a consult. I have been practising for years but don’t always get results. The course was well organised, well delivered by Sam with examples which help to put it in context and mini case studies to practice. The videos were a great teaching support and it’s great that we can watch them again on the website!! Keep coaching Sam. You are good at it! Overall I enjoyed the course. I liked the free bonus gifts including the First Aid book and I think the course was a very good deal. I was not disappointed”


Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia

“Sam has helped to demystify Homeopathy and given me confidence to treat my family”

“I did The Homeopathic Coach’s Easy Family Homeopathy Course because I’m interested n taking care of my family in the most holistic way possible. The course was VERY informative and inspiring. I’ve always been interested in Homeopathy but Sam has helped to demystify it and has given me the confidence to treat my family.”

Rebecca K

Sydney, Australia

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I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the most vibrant health possible… naturally!

Sam Adkins

You get four engaging video modules (13 videos in total) jam-packed with all the information you need to use homeopathic remedies to treat everyday illnesses, injuries, and other conditions… without spending lots of money on conventional treatments or putting your family risk of side effects or other dangerous conditions.
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