Going on Holiday? Sick of Feeling Jetlagged From Business Trips?

STOP Jetlag Naturally Without Drugs!

Q: Do you have sleeplessness, lethargy, exhaustion after long haul plane flights?
Q: Does your gut play up after long flights and you flee bloated, gassy or experience constipation?
Q: Do your children wake constantly in the night?
Q: Do you fall asleep in the day?
Q: Sometimes does it feel like it’s not worth the hassle?

I am an experienced Homeopath

and I have been prescribing a highly effective special Homeopathic jetlag formula for years to my patients who come back time and time again to buy more. Here’s what they have to say about it….

I have 2 children, 3 years old and 1 year old, and recently travelled for 5 weeks to the UK via Los Angeles and New York. I was worried about the travelling involved in the trip and how my children would adjust to the flights, changing time zones, and multiple long car trips within the UK too. I had previously travelled overseas just with our eldest daughter (then 2 years old) and whilst the trip involved less travelling, it was quite traumatic and once the nightmare of the actual flights were over, the jet lag my daughter experienced lasted nearly a week both ways.

I sought Sam’s help this time around to try and minimise the trauma for all of us involved and to make the most of our time away. Sam’s help was invaluable – the Jetlag kit she prepared for us made the flights much more bearable, the kids slept, and we all found the jetlag minimal every time we changed timezone. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my husband and I were only jetlagged for 24 hours, and the children were back to their normal sleeping patterns by day 2. I thoroughly recommend Sam’s services for anyone considering a long haul flight with children!

Courtaney Tanish

Sydney, May 2012

A couple of years ago my husband and I flew to New York from Sydney with our 18month old son. A friend suggested we go and see Sam for her jetlag remedies rather than take alternatives prescribed by a DR, which so many of our friends had recommended. We were amazed at how well Sam’s “Homeopathic Jetlag Recovery Kit” worked on our son and also for my husband and I. We followed the instructions methodically and upon arriving into New York in the afternoon, my son went to bed at his usual time of 7pm and woke up the next morning at 8am! The same applied to my husband and I and apart from a slight feeling of tiredness on the first couple of days, we all slept well and fell straight in to the local time zone without a hitch.

My darling husband ever the sceptic said that it must have been down to luck…. Two years later and with another 18 month on board we “trialed” Sams remedies again this time on a trip to London. Once again jetlag didnt touch our family, and now even my husband tells his friends about the miracle we’ve discovered!!

Alice Clegg


How Does The Formula Work?

Homeopathy acts to stimulate your natural healing capacity and to put your body back into balance. Jetlag is caused by the systems in your body that govern time cycles being put out of kilter and simply the right Homeopathic formula can help your body put it right …fast!

It is completely natural and safe for anyone whatever their age, and it can be taken alongside any conventional drugs you may be taking for other ailments.

How Do I get The Jetlag Recovery Kit?

Luckily for you, this formula is provided with a short homeopathic consultation via phone, skype or face to face. This way I can tailor the formula for your specific, individual needs and you get to have everything clearly explained to you. This service is all included in the price. During this consult I will listen to your jetlag experience and requirements as well as your time zone changes and then explain clearly how to use the Homeopathic Jet Lag Recovery Kit.

The Adult Jetlag Recovery Kit

This kit is when only adults are travelling. It contains two medicines and is sufficient for 2-4 round trips depending on their length. Find out more

The Family Jetlag Recovery Kit

This is for when you have both adults and children travelling. This kit contains 4 medicines. Find out more