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Free Talk: The Healing Path : Dragons, Enemies and Stumbling Blocks

Free Talk!! Free Talk!! Free Talk !!!

Date: Thursday 17th September 2015

Cost: Free

Sometimes we want to heal from our physical or emotional symptoms but things just do not seem to happen that way. This FREE talk examines the  meandering path that healing in its many forms can sometimes take and provides you with an understanding of the significance of this sometimes circuitous path.


Eating, Hunger and Body Image

Listen to Your Power, beauty and Purpose

Date: Saturday 26th September 2015 10-5pm

Cost: $235

Sometimes we try and lose weight and our bodies get bigger. Why? Why do we have so much shame around our own body image? People’s bodies and body image is incredibly important abut often misunderstood. Body shame cannot be healed by dieting. In this workshop David brings a refreshingly new approach to help you to understand and relate to your body in an entirely new way.


The Healing Power of Illness

The Calling of our Body’s Symptoms

Date: Sat and Sun 19th/20th September 2015 10-5pm


This two day workshop by David Bedrick and Christina Nielsen will teach you all about the significance of your body symptoms. You will learn how to understand what your body is telling you in expressing physical symptoms. As you listen to the message of your symptoms you begin to use your body to connect with your deepest self and the intelligent role symptoms play in guiding you on your life path. Note: This workshop is in a different location.


Body as Guru: Accessing the Body’s Wisdom for our Lives

How to Understand and listen to What our Body is Telling us

Date: Thursday 24th September 2015

Cost: $40/45

While we look outside for wisdom and guidance, one of our nearest and dearest teachers is right here  – our bodies. It can tell us how we really feel and its symptoms and discomforts are dreamlike messages counselling us to make changes in our lives. How can we access that wisdom?


Unfolding The Meaning of Your Dreams

Come and learn what your dreams can tell you!

Date: Sunday 27th September 2015 10-5pm

Cost: $235

Dreams are doorways to another world, a shamanic passage, providing an enlightened-eye view from which to see and heal. They illuminate the shadow, highlight our judgements, awaken us to hidden gifts, introduce us to our deepest selves, and point us towards our path of heart.


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The Healing Path is a completely free talk but registration is preferred.

Early Bird Discounts are available on the following workshops:

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Body as Guru
Eating Hunger & Body Image
Unfolding the Meaning of Your Dreams

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Book Two Workshops and receive a 20% discount!!

Eating, Hunger & Body Image + Unfolding the Meaning of Your Dreams

Regular Price for both: $470 Discounted Price: $395.

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About David

David Bedrick, JD, Dipl. PW, is a teacher, counsellor and attorney. He is on the faculty of the Process Work Institute and the International School of Process Work in Warsaw, and spent eight years on the faculty of the University of Phoenix. David is the author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology.David Bedrick Book Cover Revised June 10

He speaks about shame, diets and body image, diversity, dreams, and new paradigms in psychology. David writes for Psychology Today, The Huffington Post and counsels people internationally.David will be teaching and sharing at five different workshops in Sydney, Australia for the first time!