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Online Easy Family Homeopathic Course

Is it time you started treating yourself and your family with natural and effective medicines? Trouble is it can be hard to know what to use and when.
The Family Homeopathic Workshop Series will show you how. Covering four ailment groups and spanning four workshops, the series will teach you clear, concise information with practical examples, so you can walk away confident that you can treat naturally using effective Homeopathic medicine.


Well because it really works! I actually re-trained from being a marketing manager when I saw the impressive results Homeopathy can achieve in my own child.

My 21 month son woke with a bright red ear, high fever (40C) and screaming in pain. I ran to the doctor’s surgery and he was diagnosed with a severe ear infection. Holding the prescription for the antibiotics in my hand, I called my newly found Homeopath, who prescribed a single dose Homeopathic medicine for him. He quietened down almost instantly after administering it and I thought at the time it must be a coincidence. However he fell asleep within 10 minutes and when he woke two hours later his ear was no longer red, he was not pulling it and there was no fever. He also had a great appetite. That was the end of his ear infection!

I was genuinely impressed and started training in the basics of Homeopathy weeks later on a course like this one!!


It’s designed to cover most of the basic ailments that happen all too frequently in families:

  • Fevers
  • Coughs, colds and flu
  • First Aid
  • Digestive issues

Each workshop can stand alone but you have to attend Workshop 1 as this covers all the theory behind Homeopathy and teaches you the principles so you will be able to look at your sick child or partner and understand which symptoms to use to choose a medicine. Here are the details…

Workshop 1: Homeopathic Basics and Background including treatment for fevers

This workshop will walk you through the basics of Homeopathy, the principles, how to take a case like a Homeopath and what to look for in terms of symptoms. I will teach you all about Homeopathic fever treatment and we will use this topic to practice the skills you have learnt so far. After 3 hours you will have an excellent grounding in acute homeopathic prescribing techniques and be competent in fever treatment.

Workshop 2: Coughs, Colds and Flu

This workshop will teach you all there is to know about using Homeopathic medicines to limit and treat these annoying upper respiratory infections. There will be some background to immune function and tips on when to treat and when to leave the body to flex its immune muscle. You will learn what to give when an infection is starting to limit its development or even stop it in its tracks. You will also get to take home my secret natural medicine cabinet list to maintain a health family.

Workshop 3: Homeopathic First Aid

Injuries and accidents happen often with families and Homeopathy can make a huge difference to outcome and recovery. It can even make bone breaks recover faster and it can definitely reduce pain and inflammation significantly. This workshop will cover medicines for first aid situations including breaks and sprains, burns and scalds, bites and stings and more. You will also get to take home my First Aid E-Book for absolutely free (usually retails at $24.95)!

Workshop 4: Digestive Issues and Gastric Grumbles

How often do kids pick up a gastric bug from school and then you get it? This workshop will teach you how to limit these bugs when they occur, and recover faster. It will teach you how to maintain a healthy gut and how to recover the health of your gut after an infection. It will cover the background and treatment of heartburn, reflux and indigestion and give you effective alternative and natural solutions to conventional treatments that can actually make your symptoms worse!


The Workshops will run on Mondays evenings on 19th August, 26th August, 2nd September and 9th September. Join the event here on facebook.

All workshops run 7-10pm with a coffee/tea break and question time.

  • Workshop 1: Homeopathic Basics and Background (Compulsory for attendance at all other subsequent workshops)
  • Workshop 2: Coughs, Colds and Flu
  • Workshop 3: Homeopathic First Aid
  • Workshop 4: Digestive Issues and Gastric Grumbles

Venue: TheMINDD Foundation, Suite1/2 mclean St, Edgecliff, Sydney, NSW 2027

How Much will it cost?

Each work shop booked singly is $100 but if you book three workshops you will only pay $255 and 4 workshops you will pay as little as $320! That’s a massive saving of 20%. In addition when you book 4 workshops you will receive a free Homeopathic Home Prescribing kit (worth $99) for FREE.


Yes! I want to book in to these workshops and redeem my discount and free kit!