Sam’s Counselling Approach

My counselling style is empathic and insightful

I provide a safe environment in which clients can feel lovingly supported to explore their challenges and difficulties. I work with them to unfold their current challenge in a way that brings greater awareness, self-understanding and meaning to their issues. We work together to increase their own awareness of themselves in all their interactions, so they feel empowered around conscious decision making and can act from the vantage point that they can achieve from having the benefit of being a witness to themselves. With this increased skill they can make choices based on self awareness around their own needs and act in their own lives with self love and understanding.

Empowering individuals to embrace all of themselves with loving witness

I use a blended approach that has been borne out of years of working with clients, and I incorporate a method called Process Oriented Psychology. This means I do not start with an agenda, and work with the client’s process without a judgement around where they should be going, and what they should be doing. The client’s process itself often contains intelligent information and this approach seeks to unfold what is happening in order to bring into consciousness that which is less conscious. This results in a more empowered awareness for the individual.

“Effective counselling can bring increased self awareness, empowered choice making a life with more joy” Sam Adkins

Who can I help?

Children and Teenagers

I work with children and teenagers helping them deal with anxiety, stress and social difficulties that can arise in the school environment and in the playground. Transitions when changing schools can be challenging for some children and I can help those children support themselves and become more resilient giving them tools to use in future situations. I often work with those that have experienced bullying and counsel those as young as 4. As I am also an experienced Homeopath, I can also offer homeopathic medicines because when counselling is combined with homeopathy, it results in a very powerful combination often reducing the number of sessions required to see significant changes in an individual’s current difficulties.

Adults and Couples

I work with adults with any difficulties they have but specialising in those suffering from anxiety and those on anxiety medications who would like to find an alternative way. I also work often with those suffering from long term illness who have tried so many modalities and I use my unique approach to determine what else is holding them back from being able to recover and get well. I combine Homeopathy and Counselling in a powerful approach that facilitates wellness.


I am a qualified executive coach from an ICF accredited course. I work closely with individuals and executives to build a long term trusting relationship to support you while you find your way and support your teams and departments. A skilled coaching session with someone you trust can be just what you need to manage conflict, change, teams and processes and take the big strategic decisions in working life. I also work with high flyers and CEO’s who need support balancing work and home life and those approaching significant work-life transitions such as changing direction, changing companies, and retirement. If you would like to find out more about how we could work together, call me on 0420 800725. Pricing varies depending on scope.

Corporate Wellness

My career began working as an executive in large multinationals and I have worked for many years in the wellness industry. Having both corporate experience and wellness industry experience I have the ideal skills to work with your company to attain its Wellbeing and Wellness goals. I have created a series of modular corporate workshops and topics using a team of highly trained individuals covering such issues such as stress management, nutrition, work/life balance, meditation and mindfulness. This means I can custom build a training for you or your company. Go here for more information or call on 0420 800725 to discuss possibilities.


Our Wellness programs have been carefully designed from longstanding clinical experience to provide the best and most holistic outcome for your health and well-being. They combine the best of Sam’s clinical Homeopathic experience with the best of Holistic Counselling tools where applicable. If you are drawn to a package but are unsure if it is right for you, please make contact with Sam.



This program has been designed for sufferers of chronic physical health issues that have continued for months or years. You may experience periods when you feel somewhat improved, then periods when your physical symptoms are severe and really impact your life. You have probably tried many different modalities to help yourself. Sam has put together a powerful healing program that combines insightful Counselling with the gentle and effective treatment that Homeopathy brings. This approach encompasses all parts of you so that nothing is left out and you receive the benefits of a completely holistic treatment that supports a new healing process for you and your body.

Everyone’s healing journey is individual so if needed further programs or session packs can be purchased to continue treatment at the end of the program.



This program has been designed for sufferers of sadness, depression, anxiety, serial negativity and other emotional issues that have prevented you experiencing regular joy in your life. It is an excellent program to choose when life is getting you down and you don’t really know why, or when a large life event such as divorce, bereavement, or issues at work have knocked you sideways, and you are struggling to pick yourself up. It provides a series of holistic counselling sessions with combined homeopathy and counselling sessions over 8 weeks to facilitate change and progress so you can begin your journey to balance and engagement in your life again.

Further programs or session packs can be purchased to continue treatment at the end of the program.


Combining a three stage treatment approach for effective Homeopathy

Individualised costing


Homeopathy can be used highly effectively to treat children on the Autistic Spectrum. Because Homeopathy is gentle it works in a unique way with these individual children to alleviate symptoms and help facilitate development. Sam has worked with these children internationally via skype and uses a three part treatment approach that encompasses removal of toxicity using Homeopathy, followed by Homeopathic constitutional treatment, and also environmental / dietary / biomedical referrals and recommendations where possible.Get in touch with Sam to find out more.