What do YOU Hold Onto?

What do YOU Hold Onto?

Sometimes it’s appropriate to hold on!

Last week in my clinic I treated a diverse range of patients with very different health or emotional complaints. There are two cases that I particularly want to share with you today because they have something in common…….they are both to do with holding on to something. The first is Charlotte who was pregnant and the second was a chronically constipated little boy who we will call Jem.

Charlotte: The Power of Homeopathy and Placebo

Charlotte’s baby was overdue and her obstetrician was pushing for an induction. This is a familiar story except in Charlotte’s case her first birth had been extremely traumatic and she had experienced a spinal leak from an epidural which put her flat on her back in those first precious days after birth which started a whole host of breastfeeding issues. She called in a panic and came to see me to start labour with Homeopathic medicines.
It is my strong belief that a baby who is not ready to be born will not be coaxed out with homeopathy or acupuncture. However, if the mother has emotional reasons either consciously or subconsciously for fearing the birth (and therefore ‘holding on”) , then this can be shifted easily with Homeopathy if the medicines are well selected.
What is incredibly important for an overdue mother is the way in which a Homeopath speaks to the her. I never promise the medicines will definitely work; but usually after talking with an overdue mother and discussing various past experiences and fears and anxieties, it is pretty clear IF she will respond by letting go. The power of placebo in any clinical situation is not to be denied and in a case like this I use it to full effect. If a mother expects to respond to the prescribed homeopathic medicines with labour then she is likely to respond in that way. My role is to prescribe accurately to provide her with the best impetus for allowing birth to happen, and to give her the most positive expectations of an easy birth.
Charlotte gave birth within the next 36 hours from taking the second remedy dose and had a wonderfully easy birth. She was 8 centimetres dilated when she got to hospital and had a natural vaginal birth supported by acupuncture.

Jem: A Tale of Holding on

Jem came to me at 2 and a half years old with chronic constipation which had been an issue since 4 months old. He would get ‘frantic’ when passing a stool and was generally whingy and clingy and extremely demanding. He also threw major tantrums with screaming.
After spending an hour taking Jem’s case and discussing him with his mother, as well as playing with him, I prescribed Homeopathic medicines for his condition.
When he returned two weeks later his mother was delighted. He started doing regular stools immediately after taking the medicine. He was calmer, less demanding and is experiencing many less tantrums. He is also saying goodbye to his mother happily at daycare.
His gastroenterologist examined his abdomen and said he was ’empty’ which is a great sign.
Jem’s mother and I are extremely happy with this outcome so far. The next steps are for him to come slowly off his laxatives with the support of his GP and to maintain the regularity of the bowel movements. In addition we will work on developing his delayed speech.

Two Different Expression of “Holding on”

Two cases in the same day but both essentially around the same issue of retention. The body energetically cannot allow things to pass through if there is fear associated with letting go. Sometimes there are very good reasons why we “hold on” but often when this causes a corresponding pathological response, we need to be able to” Let Go.” Homeopathy is subtle and dynamic and make an amazing difference in these cases. This type of prescribing is called Constitutional prescribing and requires a qualified and experienced Homeopath.

Happy Homeopathic healing to you all!

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