Want to be your OWN Homeopath?

Want to be your OWN Homeopath?

Special Training Announcement!

I have got some excellent news for you from The Homeopathic Coach HQ!

As I mentioned in my last post on First Aid Homeopathy home-study training, it’s important to know how to select a world class Homeopathy course. The key questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Does the material speak to you in a way that you find accessible and easy to understand?
  • Does it have a Homeopathic kit so you have all the tools you need to get started afterwards?
  • Transparency:  Does the course make its content crystal clear?
  • Does it provide a tutoring/marking option so you can check if your understanding is correct?

You can apply these checks to any type of homestudy course and I hope you will!

Homeopathy First Aid Correspondance Training available NOW

Of course it will be absolutely NO surprise to you that I can now offer what I believe is the BEST First Aid Homeopathy training course anywhere. I personally didn’t write this course. (Although I would be very proud if I did!)  It comes from the internationally renowned School of Homoepathy in the UK who have been providing Homeopathy correspondance courses (as well as face to face courses) for over 20 years now. In fact, yours truly trained at their school many years ago! This long experience means they really know what makes an excellent homestudy course at an affordable price. They provide the best material and train the best Homeopaths! …..Well I would say that wouldn’t I?

So, what is in the First Aid Course package?

  • Homeopathy First-Aid Course manual
  • Course DVD: Learn as if you are in the classroom!
  • The book, “Get Well Soon”
  • The book, “Homeopathy, A Rational Choice in Medicine”
  • The homeopathic remedy kit and cream (28 Homeopathic medicines!)
  • Discount vouchers for further study
  • Discount vouchers for additional Homeopathic medicines

How long does it take to study?

You can complete the First Aid course in as little as 1 month (or you can take longer- it’s totally up to you!)

Interested in finding out some more information?  Go here!

Do you also provide Advanced and Professional Homeopathy Training?

The First Aid Training is just the beginning as I now offer courses right up to Advanced, as well as Professional standard, so you can train where ever you are to become a fully qualified professional Homeopath recognised by all the main professional Homeopathy bodies in the world.

I am VERY excited about these excellent training courses. Do feel free to call me on +61420 800725 Monday to Thursday Sydney time 9am-5pm OR email me for more information. Go to this page for a summary of ALL the Homeopathic Training that I offer!

Your very own ‘excellently trained’ Homeopathic Coach……lol!

Sam Adkins – The Homeopathic Coach

Sam Adkins
My name is Sam Adkins, known also as The Homeopathic Coach. I have been working as a Homeopath since 2003 in both Australia, the UK and internationally via skype. I am also a qualified and experienced holistic counsellor using a Process Oriented Psychology approach. I like to combine both these skill sets to facilitate greater balance, wellness and happiness for my clients.

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