Treating Your Teenager or Anxious Child with Homeopathy

Treating Your Teenager or Anxious Child with Homeopathy

Homeopathy works holistically to stimulate your body to heal itself. As it works on all levels – mind, emotions and physical, we can use Homeopathy to treat emotional states such as anxiety. Although chronic long-term anxiety should be treated by a professional homeopath, if your child has started getting anxious or tends to exhibit anxiety before an exam or trip to the dentist, then he or she will respond well to a well prescribed acute anxiety homeopathic medicine.

The first thing to do is to take what we call an “acute” case. This is when a condition is self-limiting rather than chronic. This is how you go about it:

How to Take “The Case”

Observe your child and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What behaviours do they have that is not normal for them?
  • Are they exhibiting physical signs such as restlessness or running to the bathroom?
  • What are they saying to others/themself?
  • What is it they are worried about?
  • Once you have observed, and spoken to your child, you can now determine broadly what type of anxiety they are experiencing.

Important: If your child is exhibiting generalised anxiety of a severe or prolonged nature it is important that you can determine the cause such as bullying at school. This type of severe anxiety would be better treated by a professional Homeoapth as it requires a deep understanding of constitutional prescribing.

The easiest anxiety state to prescribe for is when your child is anxious about a particular event or occasion.

Event or Performance Anxiety

This is the type of anxiety related to a particular event such as a school exam or a visit to the dentist or making a speech. We all know how this feels to us, and we also know that if the anxiety is removed we perform a lot better!

Individual children will experience their anxiety in different ways and these are outlined below under each homeopathic medicine.

So What Homeopathic Medicines can you use?

Gelsemium: Child feels cowardly and weak and may have some trembling. They feel the task ahead of them is too much. (If in doubt and your child’s symptoms are hard to define, try Gelsemium first.)
Argentum Nitricum: Child has an anticipatory anxiety and feels very nervous. They are likely to have diarrhoea and flatulence.

Lycopodium: Give this medicine when your child is fearful that they will fail and look foolish or incompetent in front of others. They are likely to cover this anxiety up with an overly confident manner but they don’t feel confident. Often these types will ‘perform’ very well each time but still have the preceding anxiety.

Aconite: Give this medicine for a child who is extremely fearful with marked restlessness. They cannot sit still and may have a scared expression.

Can I use these medicines for adults?

Resoundingly yes! If you recognise any of these states in an adult then use the medicine in the same way as recommended for children and teenagers.

What about major academic exams?

Absolutely…If in doubt try Gelsemium the night before the exam and on the day of the exams to help alleviate nerves.

Dosage Instructions

Give the medicine in the 30 potency on waking and before sleeping the day before the specific event. (If your child is extremely anxious you can increase it to 3 X day for 2 days before the event). Then repeat on waking the day of the event and then just before the event itself IF necessary.
For more information on how to cope with and treat an anxious child check out my Audio seminar “How to Soothe Your Anxious Child with Homeopathy and EFT”  Here is what a teleseminar participant said just from hearing the audio by itself:

I learned so much during this one call and I found the interview an absolute treasury–very complete, informational and educational on so many levels, from explaining what Homeopathy really is, to how a quality homeopathic treatment process unfolds from initial appointment onward.”
For more information about how YOU can help your child or family member with anxiety, go to this page.

Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂

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  1. My granddaughter does well on her tests but when she has to write an exam she goes completely blank and does not do well at all. Please help

    • Hi Suzette,
      Thanks for your comment. Reactions to exams like this are common. The stress hormones that are released due to the anxiety can cause diminished higher cognitive function and memory recall and so using an appropriate homeopathic medicine reduces the anxiety and therefore the stress hormone release. Have a look at the medicines I have written about in this post and choose the one that best suits your grand daughter’s symptoms. If you cannot decide try Gelsemium to start.

  2. Hi Sam
    My 13 year old son is waiting to have his tonsils and adenoids removed so I understand why he feels he can’t breathe. Other physical symptoms are sleeplessness. He feels if he goes to sleep, he’ll die. A pounding heartbeat, flatulance. Clingy and wanting constant reassurance. I’ve tried various off the shelf preparations but have seen the effectiveness of homeopathy with my eldest son over 12 years ago. I was thinking Argentum Nitricum but some of the symptoms fall into more thane one category. Any pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated. Regards

  3. Hi Sam

    My son is 18 & trying to prepare all the necessary work for his upcoming A levels. He is completely stressed out, worried he’s not going to hit targets and that seems to make his tasks harder.

    He tells me he has brain fog/blanks, can’t think straight & put his mind to completing his pieces of written course work (these count for half the % of his overall marks). It doesn’t help that he doesn’t go to sleep before 1am, sometimes later! His body click is completely skewed…

    Sitting exam papers are also difficult for him. He’s told me he has to read a question 3,4,5 times before it ‘possibly’ sinks in.

    He has been allowed extra time for exams because of a cognitive test the school carried out with him.
    Don’t get me wrong though, he doesn’t have learning difficulties, he is bright it’s just the anxieties with regard to the amount of work and he’s falling behind schedules.

    What would you suggest as a long term aid to help him study, leading up to the final exams in June.

    Thank you


    • Hi Lauren,
      Oh this tale is all too common caused partly by an overload of cortisol due to the anxiety. I would recommend an appointment with me via skype in which I can prescribe for your son to help him with his anxiety and allow him to realise his full potential.
      Bets wishes

  4. Hi,
    My daughter is 6 years old .she is currently participating in taekondo martial art program. she has been engaged in this program for 2 years and everything was fine . Suddenly she started crying and she is refusing to attend the class . She keeps crying for 1 hours without any reason and no one ever bothered her.

  5. I would like to get some more info from you if you are available.

    • Hi Susan, The best way is to use the contact form on my website. I do skype consults internationally as well as in my clinic in Sydney. Feel free to make contact.

  6. Hi Sam.My daughter is nearly 6 and in her 2nd year at school. She is so nervous before she leaves for school and has to sit on the loo for ages! Then makes a fuss all the way to school and when i leave her. Once shes inside the teacher says shes fine. How can i help her to not be so clingy. Shes the same when i leave her for ballet. I wonder does she need Argent nitricum? If so how often do i give it to her. I am at my wits end as its been going on for 2 years now!

    • Hi Lucy,
      It sounds like your daughter needs an appointment with a professional homeopath so she can be prescribed for constitutionally. This type of behaviour and difficulties are very common and treated very effectively with Homeopathy.

  7. Hi Sam

    where done get this medication?
    I stay in South AFRICA

    • Hi Annie, Depending on where you live you can access low strength Homeopathic medicines from a a natural pharmacy, Homeopathic Pharmacy or a all potencies from a professional Homeopath like myself.


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