Treating Cystitis Fast!

Treating Cystitis Fast!

Homeopathy is a very practical medicine. When you have an acute illness with such uncomfortable symptoms as Cystitis, you need to know that you can take a homeopathic medicine and it will take effect fast. You need relief from symptoms, not just theories!

Some people seem to be more prone to Cystitis than others and some unlucky few get it repeatedly. Women tend to get it more than men mainly because the shorter female urethra (the tube from the bladder) is easily invaded by microbes from other areas. If men get it, it is unusual and often present as a secondary issue to bladder or prostate problems.

So what exactly is Cystitis and what does it feel like?

(My readers amongst you that have had Cystitis will already be involuntarily crossing their legs!) Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, often caused by a bacterial infection of E-coli. The two characteristic symptoms are a frequent urge to urinate and a burning sensation on passing urine. This burning sensation can extend to before, during and after urinating in some cases and there is often a sensation as if the bladder is not being emptied properly. ‘Urethral syndrome’ is an irritation of the bladder and urethra due to other causes and can be a chronic condition.

What about in pregnancy?

It is common in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, to experience frequent urges to urinate more frequently than normal for you. This does not require any treatment as it is a normal part of pregnancy. You can identify if you have a urinary tract infection (Cystitis) however, because you will also have some or all of the following symptoms. Cystitis Symptoms

  • Sensation of irritation or burning along the urethra and/or in the bladder, either before/during/after urination
  • Sensation of ‘bearing down’
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Inability to completely empty the bladder


  • Drink plenty of extra spring water
  • To reduce the acidity of your urine drink 0.25 litre of water with bicarbonate of soda in every 20 mins to flush out the bladder to a maximum of 1tsp per hour for 2 hours. Do not use this tip if you have a heart condition.
  • Drinking real unsweetened cranberry juice is often helpful as it makes the bladder walls slippery so the bacteria causing the infection cannot adhere to them
  • Take cranberry tablets from the health food store
  • Urinate as often as you can to empty the bladder
  • Ensure that you wipe from the front to the back after stool to prevent passing more bacteria into the urethra
  • Aviod foods that aggravate the bladder during an occurrence: beetroot, asparagus, spinach, citrus fruit, strawberries, milk productsand red meat

Homeopathic medicines for Cystitis

If you have recurring Cystitis or Urethral Syndrome then you will definitely need and benefit from a constitutional treatment from a homeopath. If you have an attack of Cystitis and you recognise the warning signs, use a homeopathic medicine as soon as you feel symptoms. (A good reason for having a home homeopathic kit handy).

Here are my top 5 homeopathic medicines for treating an acute attack of Cystitis:

Staphisagria: Use this medicine when bladder irritation/Cystitis is linked to either increased sexual activity, an incomplete surgical healing on either an emotional or physical level, or a suppressed strong emotion such as anger or indignation. Good to use with symptoms after catheterisation carried out for a surgical procedure.

Cantharis: Use this medicine in all acute Cystitis cases with burning symptoms, if no other medicine is clearly indicated. Patient may have constant urging to urinate with burning sensations in the urethra or bladder before/during or after urination. May have inability to empty bladder properly.

Sepia: Use this medicine for Cystitis when it is associated with sagging or prolapse of the bladder causing symptoms of urinary incontinence and a bearing down sensation. The patient may be irritable especially with loved ones and will feel much better after exercise.

Arsenicum: Burning pains in the lower abdomen with patient feeling restless, anxious and chilly.

Apis: Strong and frequent urge to void bladder with stingy sharp pains in abdomen and hot and bloody urine.

Good luck with your self-treatment and I wish you a Cystitis-free year!

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  1. Sir m suffering from cydticystitis had taken so many tablet prescribed by physician but there is no relief…..I am feeling discomfort; burning sensation while urinating or after urinating…..I feel restless .This happen mostly in evening or in night…..sir kindly suggest me medicine
    For this I shall remains obliged to you

    • I am happy to prescribe for you but each case is individual and to help I need to have a full consultation. Feel free to make an online booking request if that suits you.

  2. Thank you for your informative site. I am a firm believer in homeopathics and have been studying and using for many years. Most recently as result of burning during and after urination and testing negative on urinalysis and culture. Apparently this is not that uncommon. I agreed to catheter twice for urinalysis and cystoscopy and scan with another negative. I had horrific pain within a day and a half following the first catheter for culture which tapered after week and a half. Now once again, after I was just about recovering I had the cystoscopy to rule out what was causing the pain! Anyway, I appreciate your site as I have been researching what remedies match up with my symptoms. I am already taking cantharis but does not touch horrific lower pain which comes on and feels to me like a spasm. Cutting pain you can feel in your teeth and head! Looks like staphysagria might be helpful. Thank you again for your site.

    ps Apparently it is quite common for women to get horrible spasmy pain from catheter and tests yet they say nothing.


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