Treating Bleeding with Homeopathy

Treating Bleeding with Homeopathy

Correctly prescribed homeopathic medicines can stop bleeding rapidly. In many first aid situations it is imperative to stop bleeding, so ensure first that you take the appropriate first aid measures such as using pressure on the wound; and remember that any severe bleeding OR suspected internal bleeding needs urgent medical attention.

Last year a patient called and asked if I could treat her friend who was having a period so heavy that it was a heamorrage. This situation had apparently been going on for several days. Significant blood loss is NOT to be taken lightly, so after determining as best I could exactly how much blood this woman had lost, I prescribed a high potency Homeopathic medicine and told her that if the bleeding did not slow down markedly within 30 minutes of taking the medicine, she must go to the ER. Well of course the bleeding actually almost STOPPED within 20 minutes and of course the patient was delighted.

The reason for sharing this story is to show you that Homeopathy can be highly effective in first aid situations, but also to impress upon you that in serious first aid situations I recommend Homeopathy as an addition to seeking urgent medical attention when necessary.

The following medicines are indicated for bleeding:

Aconitum: Give this medicine when there is bleeding with marked restlessness, fear and anxiety. Give 30 or 200 potency every 15 minutes or until bleeding stops.

Arnica: This is very effective for bleeding whether external or internal and is appropriate also for the shock and trauma that is present along with bleeding. Give Arnica 30 every 15 mins to stop the flow or Arnica 200 until flow stops.

Hamamelis: When a cut or wound is bleeding profusely, give Hamamelis as (like Arnica) it can stop bleeding fast.  Ideal for profuse nosebleeds. Can also be used for bleeding haemorrhoids. Use the 30th potency every 15-30 minutes until bleeding has stopped.

Ipecac: Use Ipecac if there are repeated nosebleeds or if there is bleeding of any kind accompanied by faintness, nausea or air hunger (the patient may gulp or gasp). Give Ipecac 30 every 15-30 mins until patient recovers and bleeding stops.

Phosphorus: For frequent nosebleeds especially in children or for dental haemorrhage. Use in 30th potency every 15-20 mins until bleeding subsides.

For more clearcut and practical information on how to treat First Aid with Homeopathy, look no further than my best selling: The Homeopathic Coach Guide to First Aid.

Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂


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  1. My problem is after 10 to 15 days after my period i start with blood spotting. what homeopathic medicine can stop this? The doctor has prescribed me millefolium 30, is it ok? or any other medicine is required? Please help.

    • Hi Divine Angel,
      I am happy to prescribe for you but each case is individual and to help I need to have a full consultation. Feel free to make an online booking request if that suits you.


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