Treat Your own Nausea in Pregnancy with Homeopathy

Treat Your own Nausea in Pregnancy with Homeopathy

Sometimes euphemistically called ‘Morning sickness’, nausea and vomiting can unfortunately be a common issue for pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. By week 14 many women find that their nausea symptoms are often improved and for some completely gone; however for some pregnant women nausea and vomiting can continue until birth (although this is rare.)

There are multiple theories around why nausea and vomiting are a common experience for many pregnant women. Dismissed by medics as a simple hormonal imbalance it is not actually known why this occurs and I believe it is more complex. It is an interesting thought that pregnancy is the first time that our bodies grow an effectively ‘foreign’ tissue inside them and the first time our bodies undergo such an amazing transformation. It is no wonder really that at many levels there may be hurdles and imbalances, and perhaps resistance on some deep levels, as this amazing effort takes place.
On the physical, mental and emotional levels the mother has to surrender to the process of pregnancy whilst finding a balance within herself that takes care of her own person as well as the growing life of her baby. This is a really huge deal!
Homeopathy can alleviate these symptoms and it is also important to follow the self-help measures below.


1.Low blood sugar can sometimes be a trigger for nausea in pregnancy. In view of this, it is a good idea to keep a low sugar, high protein snack with you at all times.  I suggest pumpkin seeds or trail mix and that you eat small, frequent meals.
2.If your nausea is severe and you are having difficulty eating then try hard to ensure that everything you put in your mouth is nutrient dense.
3.If your nausea is bad on waking then it often helps to consume something before you actually leave the bed. A cup of herbal tea with a dry biscuit or cracker often helps. It is also important that you set your alarm a few minutes earlier so you can take your time and not have to rush.
4.Meditation may also help with nausea.
5.Make a tea from fresh ginger and sip it warm or cold during the day.

Three Useful Homeopathic medicines

Sepia: If your nausea intensifies when thinking of or smelling food that you would normally like to eat, then this might be your medicine. You may feel irritable, emotional and ambivalent about many things including loved ones such as your children and partner. You are much worse for fasting, and when you eat a small amount the nausea is alleviated. You  may have a characteristic heavy or ‘bearing down’ sensation in the pelvis.
Pulsatilla: The nausea will be worse for being in stuffy rooms and better for fresh air. You will be worse for over eating, or after eating fatty/rich foods, fruit, milk and bread.
Nux Vomica: For nausea that is worse in the morning. The pregnant women who will respond well to this medicine for her nausea may well have signs of an overstimulated nervous system. She will be over-wrought or ‘hyper’ and may well be feeling stressed and anxious. Insomnia may occur and they will have a strong desire to vomit as they feel the nausea will abate if they do. Violent retching without vomiting is common and if the mother has retching as a more prominent symptom than the nausea then Nux Vomica is the right medicine for her.
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These three Homeopathic medicines are very effective  in treating morning sickness or any other nausea if the symptoms match the description given. For more homeopathic medicines to treat morning sickness or nausea, check out The Homeopathic Coach’s NEW Treat Yourself Natural Pregnancy System which I believe is the most comprehensive natutal pregnancy system available:)
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Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂
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  1. Hi Sam,

    I am pregnant with baby #3! My first pregnancy was absolutley miserable, i was nauseous literally 24/7. The second wasnt so bad, but the past couple days have been horrible for me. Nauseous and violently vomiting about every hour. I do have these three remedies in my medicine cabinet– how much should i take? And how often? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Michel,
      Sorry to hear you suffer so badly from pregnancy nausea. There is definitely a Homeopathic medicine that will help significantly. Pick the one that sounds closest and take a 30 c every hour if the nausea is still present or try it every 30 minutes for 3 doses if it does not respond to the first dose. If this doesn’t work I can help so book a skype consult and let’s see if we can resolve this for you:)

  2. Im 8 weeks preg with 2nd child. I wake up fresh but even a sip of water triggers nausea and lasts all day until i go to bed again at night. What ever i eat during the day makes me sick and feels like ill trow up. I have sepia 200 and pulsatilla 200 how much to take and which one? Please any help would be appreciated.

  3. I am 64 years old . I have to vomit regularly just after every eating , for 15 years . Even after taking water and tea , I also have to vomit . I was a patient of ‘ Habitual Abortion ‘ ,’ Migraine ‘ and bile vomiting . Now , I often suffer from acidity . Please , suggest medicine .

  4. Hi I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have been taking Nux Vomica 200c and Lycopodium 200c three times a day for about month and a half for my chronic constipation. I am now worried that it will have bad affect on my baby. I don’t know what to do.

    • Dear Chandni, I’m sorry to hear that you have suffered constipation in your pregnancy. I would advise you to consult with a qualified Homeopath to enable them to prescribe accurately for your symptoms as I’m unable to prescribe for you without a consultation.

  5. hi sam, my daughter is 6 weeks pregnant and has nausea 24/7. i bought some disolve in the mouth nux vomica.. can you tell me how long it should take to start to see any improvement

    • You should start to see improvement within 36 hours. If you do not, it’s likley you need another medicine.



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