Does Synchronicity operate in YOUR life?

Does Synchronicity operate in YOUR life?

I have recently visited New York City for 10 days and there I had some really interesting experiences around synchronicity that I wanted to share with you. This is quite a long story so sit back and relax and belt yourself in…great to have you on board! 😉

I believe that life is full of signs and when we start being open to them we see them everywhere. In every given moment we have a choice. Each second presents a whole spectrum of possibilities and our responsibility is to understand that we are able to create our own experience. Life does not happen to you…you create itand once you have mastered this concept not just intellectually, but IN YOUR HEART…you will have a very different experience of your own life.

Now those of you reading this who are desperately ill this is a difficult thing to grasp and it is no way a judgement of your predicament. You might be saying now:

” Why on earth would I create this illness for myself?”

This is a great question to ask yourself and one that I ponder daily in my Homeopathic clinic around my patients. Having experienced death very closely twice and having observed patients for years, I think I am somewhat qualified (and I only say ‘somewhat’) to answer this question.

When we create disease in our bodies, it is NOT usually because we said “I want to have cancer or MS in my body” but it IS because we gave out signals over many years to the universe that this outcome would fulfill a basic requirement of ourselves or our souls.

I had Hodgkins disease (cancer of the lymphatic system) disgnosed just before my 18th birthday. It came literally out of the blue (or so I thought) but I can see with many years of life experience since, that at some level I invited that process into my life. (More on my cancer story another time).

Now back to synchronicity…(bear with me as I am about to reveal how it all fits together 😉

Central Park where I talked to Maria
I was in Central Park for the first time and decided I wanted to walk deep into the park to feel the esape from the city and to really get away from all the people as it was a hot day and the park was busy. I was walking and walking and I kept walking inadvertently in a large circle. Eventually I came to a place that having previously passed before I had felt drawn to (sign #1) , so I stopped there even though it was not what I thought I was seeking for myself.

Notice I say thought, which is my mind enaged, not felt, which is my heart enaged. For when we engage with life in a heart level we really can see our way forward and start creating for ourselves consciously.

I sat down and next to me was a girl (let’s call her Maria) studying hard with a large book. Now I talk to anyone and can strike up a conversation anytime so after a while we got talking and ended up sitting together. It turns out that Maria had just learnt vaguely on her medical course what Homeopathy was and asked me to explain more. (synchronity #1). I started to explain and she told me that she was a materialist and only believed in things that could be explained in a practical and scientific way and could I help? I sat there for a few minutes wondering how I could explain a holistic medical system that science cannot completely currently explain and my eyes fell upon the open page of her book…….

At this point you must understand that this book was 3 inches thick and could have been open at ANY page…

The heading on the page was “Leptiospirosis”(Synchonicity # 2). My heart jumped because only that very day I had been reading about a huge Homeopathic study in Cuba in which the serious and deadly Letospirosis outbreak that occurs yearly after the hurricane season has been completely and succesfully treated with Homeopathy alone with NO deaths! So here was a medically controlled trial which could deliver in medical terms practical and incontrovertable evidence of the efficacy of homeopathy!

She was pretty impressed but that is where it starts to get REALLY interesting….

She then told me that she was waiting for a phonecall from a close medical student friend who was waiting to see if the results of his recent biopsy would result in a diagnosis of (…wait for it)…Hodgkins disease! Are you with me so far??? (Synchronicity # 3).

So at that point the phone rang and her traumatised friend gave her the news that he did indeed have Hodgkins Disease. She put the phone down with a white face and I sat with her for a moment before she told me that not only was this friend’s primary tumour in the same place that mine was at 18, but that he has exactly the same staging as me. For this of you who have not had a brush with cancer you may not know that cancer is ‘staged’ with a number and a letter which indictates the spread and location and progression of the disease within the body in conventional medical terms.

I felt this rush of energy (sign #2) and I told Maria that I knew she didn’t believe in synchronicity but it didn’t matter because I did, and that the reason I had been unable to walk past her a second time that day was purely because I had a mesage to deliver to her ill friend. This message I know from my own terror at my diagnosis, would be of great comfort for him and I said this:

Please tell him that you just met an extremely healthy, energetic, happy optimistic person in the park who had exactly the same diagnosis as him at 18, and who lives, loves hugely, and continues to grab life with both hands and a bravery that sometimes surprises even herself. Tell him he will be OK if he chooses. Tell him that this experience has come for a reason and that letting go of the why willl be half his journey to health again.

You can fly at any time in your own life because YOU hold the strings
Do you believe in synchronicty? Have you tried opening your heart to life and all it’s possibilities…good AND bad? Does THIS note speak to you or a friend of yours in a way that is synchronicitous for you?

Love to have your feedback here on my BLOG. With love and great timing I hope!

Sam Adkins
My name is Sam Adkins, known also as The Homeopathic Coach. I have been working as a Homeopath since 2003 in both Australia, the UK and internationally via skype. I am also a qualified and experienced holistic counsellor using a Process Oriented Psychology approach. I like to combine both these skill sets to facilitate greater balance, wellness and happiness for my clients.


  1. Wow what an incredible story Sam. The levels of synchronicity are fascinating. So glad you followed your instincts.
    I have never walked the path of illness in quite this way and appreciate your teachings!!

    • Thanks Rho. My experience has been that once you start being open to synchronicity, all kinds of interesting things happen. It certainly keeps things interesting:)


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