What does your skin say about your health?

What does your skin say about your health?

Skin diseases can be unpleasant. They are often uncomfortable and because they are on our skin they are often available for the world to see. Homeopaths think about skin complaints in a completely different way to conventional doctors however.

Homeopaths recognise an essential and living energy in all of us. We call this the Vital Force. This Vital Force makes us alive; it is at a low ebb when you are unwell and it fills you up with energy when you can spring out of bed in the morning. It is also what leaves us when we die. When a new patient visits a Homeopath with his skin complaint,the Homeopath is compassionate for the discomfort that the skin complaint provides; but he /she also knows that this is a good sign of a healthy Vital Force having its expression.

It is much better for the patient to have a complaint on the outside of their body, than say a complaint such as asthma, which is sited in the lungs. The reason is obvious. One is an imbalance expressed on the skin which can have all manner of symptoms without having any threat to life; and the other is an imbalance expressed in a life essential pair of organs, the lungs. Homeopaths view the Vital Force as having an essentially centrifugal effect. If able, the Vital Force will push all imbalances to the externals and so that is partly why skin symptoms are so common. Skin symptoms tell the homeopath that the Vital Force is strong and healthy which is a great start on the road to better health. This aspect of the Vital Force also gives some explanation behind the strong relationship between childhood eczema and teenage/adult asthma. In this case when the external symptoms are suppressed by the application of steroid creams to alleviate symptoms, the Vital Force still has an imbalance to express and so does it in a deeper level..in the lungs!

So it is very important with chronic skin symptoms that they are not suppressed but instead treated holistically and healed from the inside out!

So let’s take a look at some key factors that have a big impact on our skin health in the light of certain skin complaints.

Immune System factors

Some skin complaints come from the suppression of the immune system and others from its over-activity. Let’s look at two examples of these.

Suppression: Impetigo is a skin infection caused by Staph bacteria. We can come into contact with Staph bacteria often and do not get Impetigo. The reason that sometimes it does occur, is because the immune system is somewhat suppressed and/or the exposure to the bacteria is very great (such as when a sibling has Impetigo and there is repeated exposure.)

Over-reaction: Urticaria is an itchy, hot, inflamed skin condition when the immune system is essentially over triggered and causes the production of certain cells and histamine which causes the itching.

Hereditary factors

Homeopaths call these factors miasmatic factors. This term includes all factors that may have influenced an individual including experiences, events, emotions and situations that your parents may have experienced as well as genetics. This does mean that some people are more susceptible to having a skin complaint than others.

Here are 7 ways to help your own chronic skin condition

  1. Eliminate food intolerances/allergies with a blood test. The food groups most often implicated in eczema and other long standing conditions are dairy and wheat/gluten. A test will provide an indicator but only eliminating them for 4 weeks will show you if they are detrimental to your skin health!
  2. Ensure you get adequate zinc in your diet and if in doubt have your levels tested with a simple and quick zinc taste test. Zinc is vital for your skin and your immune system.
  3. Eat a diet rich in fatty acids which are essential for skin health. Oily fish is great but if you don’t like it, take some fish oils capsules that have been tested for mercury toxicity.
  4. Find a stress outlet in your life that you do regularly. Yoga, meditation, sport, relaxing. Many studies have shown that once stress levels are lowered many skin complaints clear up on their own!
  5. Stop using steroid creams to suppress the skin symptoms if you can and make an appointment with your homeopath or holistic practitioner to tackle the underlying imbalance.
  6. Check in with yourself and work out if there is a particular emotional state or frame of mind that worsens your skin. If you identify one, focus on how you can minimise that pattern in your life. (See 4 above!)
  7. Finally, see yourself as the fabulous, whole person that you are and forgive your poor skin for its current expression! It is after all, only an outward reflection that some part of you inside is out of balance!

Go easy on your skin and yourself and see what happens when you take some steps to support your skin in this holistic way!

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