Mercury Toxicity and Homeopathy

Mercury Toxicity and Homeopathy

If you have unexplained systemic symptoms and you can’t find out why, then you may want to look into your mercury toxicity status. Sam Adkins, The Homeopathic Coach, takes a look at why this is, what effects mercury has on the body, and what you can do about it.

How toxic is Mercury?

Mercury is extremely toxic. In fact the WHO has stated that no level of mercury is safe. Even 2 PPB (parts per billion) in water would make it undrinkable. As soon as the body detects mercury in the blood it aims to eliminate it as soon as possible. Your body can get rid of mercury but when the mercury builds up beyond a certain level it stops eliminating it and instead stores it in every tissue type in the body.

So How Can You be Exposed to Mercury?

There are many sources of mercury exposure.


Until 2001 in Australia, Thimerosol (a mercury preservative) was used in all vaccines. It has since been removed in allstandard childhood vaccines but is still present in many adult ones. To put this in context, although 2 PPB of Mercury in water makes water undrinkable, our governments considered it acceptable to inject our babies with the equivalent of 50,000 ppb in each vaccine phial. If a doctor drops the vaccine vial on the floor of the surgery, the spillage is treated as toxic waste!


Some skin whitening products use Mercury as an active ingredient and it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Mercury is used either as a vapour or as elemental mercury in these bulbs. When the bulbs are broken the mercury is released and pollutes the environment and finds itself into water ways.


You are likely to be aware of the issue of Mercury in fish. The levels of mercury increase as the fish get larger as they are further up the food chain and are therefore accumulating more Mercury from eating contaminated smaller fish. It is advised to only eat the following fish no more than once a week for a healthy adult and chronically ill people, children and pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid the following fish

  • Shark
  • Marlin
  • Swordfish
  • Large Tuna

Dental Amalgam Fillings

This is the big one! The mercury contained in amalgam fillings is not inert and is released to varying degrees depending on the activity. The amount of mercury released is directly proportional to the temperature, so drinking hot liquids releases significantly more mercury than cold drinks. When you chew, drink, grind your teeth, mercury is released and absorbed directly through the delicate lining of the mouth and stomach. Some studies have shown mercury to build up in the brain, pituitary and adrenal glands. Other studies have found it builds up in the kidneys, liver and brain of human fetuses and can also be passed to infants via breastmilk.

How do you determine Mercury Toxicity?

The most reliable way to find this out is with a Hair Mineral Analysis. Because mercury is stored in the tissues, an analysis of your recent hair growth can give reliable indicators of your toxicity levels. A good Homeopath, Naturopath, or Nutritionist can order this test for you.

What are the Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity?

The body stores mercury in many different tissues so Mercury Poisoning or Toxicity can result in symptoms in most body systems.

  • Psychological disturbances
  • Digestive Tract problems
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Respiratory issues
  • Neurological issues

Mercury Toxicity has ben implicated in the rise of Autism and some autistic children show significant improvement when mercury is removed from their bodies.

What happens to Mercury in my Body?

Mercury attaches to proteins and enzymes altering their function causing cell damage or cell death. Thus it can weaken the immune system and deplete the body of one of the most important antioxidants – Glutathione. When the body removes mercury, it uses two molecules of Glutathione to remove every single atom, hence the depletion effect.

What does this mean for my Homeopathic Treatment?

Sometimes Homeopathic treatment that has previously been successful does not work or it stops working and the patient case appears to be ‘stuck’. This can sometimes be a result of a heavy metal toxicity such as Mercury.

What can I do?

If you have a Hair Mineral Analysis and determine that you do have mercury toxicity and you have mercury amalgam fillings you might want to consider their removal. This has to be done extremely carefully and with a proper procedure including the use of a rubber dam, breathing apparatus (to prevent ingestion of the mercury vapour) , and be carried out by a dentist highly experienced in this area. Go here for a list of USA dentists who can do this safely for you or try here for Australia.

There are also means of removing mercury from your body with the use of chemicals (called Chelation therapy) and this needs to be carried out by a specialist.

What Can Homeopathy Do to Help?

Homeopaths know how to use gentle homeopathic medicines to encourage the body to chelete or eliminate the excess Mercury. Mercury used to be used in the 19th century as a regular conventional medicine treatment for various ailments and so the Homeopathic literature and case studies from that time include many cases of mercury toxicity. There are around 96 Homeopathic medicines that are suitable for treating Mercury toxicity and your Homeopath will select the most appropriate one based on your symptoms. This means your body will achieve the elimination itself so the process is safe and gentle. Then a repeated hair Mineral Analysis can show the positive results.

Remember that blood tests cannot determine your tissue levels of Mercury and any procedure to remove mercury should be carried out by a highly experienced and qualified practitioner.

Happy Homeopathic home prescribing!

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  1. Hi Sam, I live in the US. I stumbled upon your name when Googling Mercury toxicity treatments with Homeopathy. I’ve read your entire website. I truly believe I am mercury toxic. I believe I was born this way from my mom and over the years with vaccines, amalgam fillings, etc… My cup is so full my body won’t detox anymore. Long story… I’ve seen Integrated/Functional and Naturopathic doctors for the last 20 years and no program has been able to keep me well. It will work at first, but then I fall right back into the same pattern. I’ve spent thousand upon thousands of dollars. I am very frusrated! My brother is having the same issues as myself. Do you help people in the US? My current Naturopathic doctor gets his homeopathy meds from India, much better quality than US. US is irradiating everything, and that is a huge problem for me not having a thyroid gland. Anyway, I appreciate your time and input. Thank you.


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