Mary’s Personal Homeopathy Mercury Toxicity Story

Mary’s Personal Homeopathy Mercury Toxicity Story

Mercury Toxicity and Homeopathy is one of those topics that causes a strong email response. Here is Mary’s heartfelt story of years of poor health due to Mercury poisoning and her amazing story of recovery through Homeopathy.

Here is Mary’s Story……(my annotations are in green)

“I guess like a lot of people I fell in love with homeopathy because it rescued me in my darkest hour.

When I was six weeks old my parents went to live in the tropics. I had to have all sorts of very nasty vaccinations when I was just four weeks old. These were preserved with mercury. (Until 2001 in Australia, all vaccines were preserved with Thimerosol, a mercury preservative. Now only adult ones and some children’s ones contain it. Check your country for Mercury in vaccines). By the time I was four I had lots of holes in my teeth that were filled with amalgam (mercury fillings) and I got more and more of these as life went on. I was plagued continually by septic tonsils that were treated with repeated antibiotics. (To find out how antibiotics can make your health worse read “Antibiotic Alternatives” here.)

My health went from bad to worse. At eighteen I got a severe bout of glandular fever and strep throat that left me in bed for six weeks during which time my weight dropped to just 77 pounds. I managed to claw my way back to being able to return to my studies after taking a year out to recover.

Next I got repeated kidney infections and a kidney stone. Twice after visiting the dentist I got terrible fevers and my tonsils became so inflamed that only a tiny gap in my airway was left. Once after eating a tuna fish sandwich I became violently ill with extreme vomiting and diarrhea. (Tuna is one of the fish species that contain significant amounts of Mercury along with Shark, Marlin and Swordfish)

The antibiotics got stronger and stronger. At one stage I had 12 shots of penicillin that left me with chronic fatigue syndrome, unable to work full time or walk up a flight of stairs without resting up halfway.

The final blow came when I went to the opening of a new cinema, with newly laid carpet. The fumes from the carpet glue made me very ill again, with a very high fever and septic throat. That time I really thought I might die, but I had a very young child and somehow hung on. Whilst I was recuperating, I happened to be studying Miranda Castro’s book (Miranda is an author-Homeopath) and a light went on in my head. When I got sore throats they were worse on the right side, my breath smelled foul and I had excessive saliva that I had to spit out constantly as swallowing was so painful. This is the exact description for the homeopathic medicine Mercurius (Mercury). Mercury also causes holes in teeth. (This is the typical presentation of a patient who will respond to the Homeopathic medicine made from Mercury).

I rang the cinema, explained I had become ill from the fumes, said I didn’t want to sue, but I needed to know what exactly was in the glue. They sent me the full list and there, not surprisingly, was “mercurial biocide” an antifungal agent.

I realised then, without any doubt, that I had been suffering from Mercury poisoning all my life – something I may never have understood but for homeopathy.

I took homeopathic doses of Mercury to help me get well. I also had all my amalgam fillings very carefully removed. I have never had a septic throat or an antibiotic since then and slowly, with the help of further Homeopathic constitutional prescriptions, I have returned to health. (To understand what constitutional prescriptions are read “Are YOU a good Homeopathic Patient?)

Mary says:

“I feel I literally owe my life to homeopathy.”

Recently I had a client with exactly the same pattern as I had had. She was 17 and had been ill for a year. I asked if she had had any amalgam fillings at 16 and she had. I gave her a homeopathic dose of Mercurius and she arranged to have her fillings replaced, in just six weeks her health was restored.”

Mary’s story is unfortunately not uncommon, and this is one of the reasons why I write a free ezine and spread the word about how Homeopathy can help as much as I can.

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Happy Homeopathic home prescribing!

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  1. SO I am suffering from mercury from dental fillings since age 16 and I have hashimotos and seriously near compromised at age 44. I had them removed in March with biological dentist.
    I am learning about homeopathy and want to know if it is a possibility to explore. How do I find practitioner in the US? I would love to try what you did as I am fully functioning (as in I look healthy) but my body is screaming for help with short term memory loss, brain fog, indecisiveness, loss of facial recognition and the list goes on and on. Essential oils have impacted met tremendously but nothing has helped heal me.

    • Hi Elizabeth, many thanks for your comments. A Homeopath in the USA would be a great ideas and definitely worth exploring as some of us have ways of gently chelating remaining mercury from the body. You can work with me via skype – take a look here:
      or I recommend contacting this website to ask for a recommendation for a Homeopath close to you.
      Feel free to contact me directly via my contact form on my website should you wish to discuss options further.
      Wishing you well

  2. find the books of Phillip K. Parsons on line or eBay. He was my dentist since 1969. He is retired and does not take patients. The 7 books in his series 1-7 are a summery of his research of his life of homeopathic dentistry. He wanted to leave this world with a record of his life’s work. I would go to your local library and have them find the books. These are not written for the laymen. The achievement of a homeopathic physician is not the memorization of “if this – do that”. It is mastering the research available to successfully investigate then determine the cure. Dr. Parsons earned 3 Ph.Ds after his DDS. It takes a very high IQ to be good at homeopathy ! He put my mercury fillings in about 1969-70 and replaced them all about 1978. He was ahead of his time them and still is. He said looking back he would never do a root canal or an implant preferring to pull a tooth today and making a mechanical repair like a bridge or partial denture. Good luck !

    • Thanks John for this information. You are absolutely right….Homeopathic medicine is complex and takes a combination of knowledge, intellect and understanding of what is needed to be healed. I appreciate your support of Homeopathy.

  3. Hi
    I am 46 yr old female.
    I was completely healthy until about 5.5 yrs ago. I smashed a Mercury long life globe and didn’t know of the dangers and cleaned it up. Not long after I was diagnosed with meneires disease. Every now and then I get vertigo. Three years ago I went to my usual dentist and had my amalgams removed – I had had them since about teenager. A while after that I got complete numbness in my hands and legs every night during the night (fine by day) and would wake to this numerous times a night. it was suggested I have Mercury poisoning and I was also told that my new filings were incompatible with my body. I had my fillings Again removed and replaced with a different filling. Since then I have begun homeopathic drops for mercury poisoning and am about 2/3 way through the programme – started it in September. Just before Xmas my left ear started buzzing 24/7 – hasn’t stopped. Very debilitating.
    Nearly two weeks ago I had major vertigo attack and ended up at outpatients. Three more attacks during the week and have been feeling rotten. I’m Having a break from the drops at present. Advised by the naturopath that I could be lacking iron ( she has made up an iron and blood cell tonic for me to take) it has also been suggested that I could be lacking magnesium which I started to take some last week. I feel better than last week but my head feels a bit ‘fried’ I’m getting intermittent giddiness – very frustrating as I went back to work today and don’t feel fully functional. My head feels weird and it I feel that i can’t move too quickly (my work is four days sitting in front of a computer- is this part of the problem?) Please help with any advice

    • Hi Julie,
      It sounds like you are having a difficult time and that Homeopathic chelation would help you. I can consult via skype ovewrseas and should you want to go ahead please email me via the contact form on this site.
      Thank you


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