Homeopathy for Tropical Climates Video

Homeopathy for Tropical Climates Video

Tropical climates place interesting demands on our bodies due to high heat and humidity. Whilst experiencing these conditions recently in Thailand, I decided to make a new video in my Homeopathy Made Easy Series which is designed to provide free and easy Homeopathic information for all kinds of conditions.

To catch the whole series so far go here.

In my new video I have  covered the four main conditions that could commonly arise in Tropical climates:
  1. Sunstroke and Heatstroke
  2. Dehydration
  3. Insect bites
  4. Sunburn

With each condition I provide self-help information and the best and most commonly available Homeopathic solutions to these problems.

Watch the video right here, but don’t forget to comment and rate it:)

Thank you in advance for watching!
Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂
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