Homeopathy Home-study Training : First Aid

Homeopathy Home-study Training : First Aid

Homeopathy is a sophisticated, scientific system of natural medicine. It respects the whole person and will take into account all aspects of a person with their emotional, mental as well as physical symptoms. This means that when a homeopathic medicine is prescribed it can act as an effective catalyst to help that person heal on all levels.

Homeopathy takes such an holistic approach to health, so learning how it works can sometimes seem a bit daunting. As The Homeopathic Coach I am fully committed to bringing you as may products and services that serve your homeopathic journey (be it just to read my ezine and free products, – or to go further and equip yourself with some deeper knowledge). So for some time, I have been looking for some homeopathic training that is of a world class standard; homeopathic courses that I feel provide not only the solid, foundational knowledge needed, but that also provide highly accessible information.

How Can I Start Finding Out More?

The easiest way to initially learn about Homeopathy, is to start at the very beginning with a course that gives you effective tools fast, and in a practical way so you can use them immediately. You need to be able to access the information rapidly, ensure the material is easy to understand and available when needed, and can be used with quick easy reference to the course material.

Homeopathic First Aid courses are ideal for this because the material is usually easy to understand and put into action.

5 Ways to evaluate a Homeopathic First Aid Course

Even something that is a relatively low investment such as a Homeopathic First Aid course should be excellent value. So here are my top 5 recommendations for evaluating any homeopathy online First Aid training course:
  • Does it provide a tutoring/marking option so you can check if your understanding is correct?
  • Does the material speak to you in a way that you find accessible and easy to understand?
  • Does it have a Homeopathic kit so you have all the tools you need to get started afterwards?
  • Transparency:  Does the course make its content crystal clear?

If the answer is yes to these questions then you cannot go wrong!

So what other options are there for you if you just want to find out more but you do not want to do a course to invest in your health at this stage?
I can offer several free options:

Sought after article information

Firstly, if you are reading this article elsewhere on the internet, and you are not already on my ezine list then you can get on ithere. No strings, just high quality free information!

Video Training

Secondly, to get some homeopathic background info and some useful homeopathic prescribing tips on topics such as sports injury and jetlag, take my *Free* Homeopathy Made Easy video coursehere.

First Aid E-book

I have been asked several times to publish this book to make a printed version is available, but in the meantime here is my e-version whch you can print out yourself.
Stay tuned for an announcement on Facebooktwitter and via email direct to my subscribers, for what I consider to be the best Homeopathic First Aid Homestudy course available anywhere!

 Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂

Sam Adkins
My name is Sam Adkins, known also as The Homeopathic Coach. I have been working as a Homeopath since 2003 in both Australia, the UK and internationally via skype. I am also a qualified and experienced holistic counsellor using a Process Oriented Psychology approach. I like to combine both these skill sets to facilitate greater balance, wellness and happiness for my clients.

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