Are you a Health Creator?

Are you a Health Creator?

If our minds are so powerful and create or maintain disease, can they also create health? If so, how is it done and what are the things we need to consider to acheive it? Sam Adkins, The Homeopathic Coach explains.

If you read “Are you a Disease Creator?” in the last issue, you will know that psychosomatic is a term that used to be used negatively, implying that if you suffered from psychosomatic illness, you were somehow neurotic or a hypochondriac. Today we know better and understand more about the complex interplay between the mind and emotions and the physical body. What we do not understand however, is exactly HOW an emotional response can provoke a physical symptom although we know it can trigger a measurable and identifiable chemical and neurological response.

So if mind and emotions are implicated in disease creation, what about the flip side of that coin?

We all know individuals who never seem to get sick. They breeze through life with what is often termed an “iron constitution”. It is true that some people are blessed with a wonderful set of robust genes and tell tales of relatives who lived to 100. If we look more closely at these robust individuals we also discover something equally important as their genetics and that is their attitude to life!

Have you ever met a healthy, energetic octogenarian with a negative attitude?

Epigenetics is the phenomenon when factors (rather than pure genetics) cause the expression or otherwise of certain genes. It is now recognsed that it is not so much about what genes we have but about what factors exist in the environment we create around ourselves, that encourage genes to expression. This means that if you have inherited the tendency for breast cancer, you do not have to experience breast cancer, but youcan allow the expression of that gene so that breast cancer can become a reality. Interesting concept isn’t it? Environmental factors such as diet and exercise play a huge part but the factor I am most interested in here is our attitude.

Simply put: your thoughts and feelings around a certain illness can have a direct effect on its appearance in your life.

Let me give you a brief example. I know a man whose mother and 3 sisters have all had hip replacements at a young age due to arthritis. If this expectation is part of this man’s life then he is creating a state of attraction around arthritis in his hip and is likely to attract a similar outcome for himself. So what steps can you take to Create Health?

  1. Examine your illness and ask yourself what benefits do you gain from having this illness? Be honest with yourself as there is always some pay-off. List out the benefits on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Awareness of these can allow you to let go.
  2. Visualise yourself in a state of optimum health. What small steps can you take right way to set yourself on that new path?
  3. Experience the emotions of wellness with the vision of the new healthy you! What does it feel like to finally be well and vibrant? FEEL those feelings strongly and do this every night before sleep.
  4. Decide today that this is where your good health begins. Write yourself a short phrase or mantra and say it to yourself every day when you clean your teeth and at the traffic lights in the car!
  5. Stop talking about your health with anyone except your Homeopath or doctor/specialist.This will help you to focus on other aspects of your life and to maintain a positive attitude.

So what can homeopathy do to help?

Finally, pay a different kind of visit to your homeopath. Tell them that you have a different way of looking at your ill-health and share your thoughts with them. To make a declaration like this within a therapeutic relationship can be very powerful AND it means you will need a new homeopathic prescritption! Homeopathy prescribes on the whole of you so these new emotions and thoughts about your health will play an important part in your homeopathic medicine selection.

Remember that…. If you are in a cycle of chronic illness or repetitive symptomology, Homeopathy can assist your vital force in breaking that cycle. When a homeopathic medicine is prescribed, the initial comment from a long suffering patient may go something like this… “I still have the headaches but they seem less intense, or they don’t seem to bother me as much”. This kind of initial response to to a prescription usually occurs in the immediate hours or days after taking the medicine, and is a great indicator that the mind has shifted and the focus has moved away from the suffering and towards something else. This results in the attraction of a different set of circumstances and can produce healing.In other words….the psyche is no longer busy creating soma! (As in psychosomatic).

So get positive, stay positive and I wish you successful Health Creation!

© Sam Adkins 2008
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