Are you a Disease Creator?

Are you a Disease Creator?

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are pretty common buzz words since the global success of films like ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. But are they relevant for your health and what does it all mean for you as an individual?

Health is an interesting concept because we are only aware of it usually when we don’t have it. To understand the role our mind can play in our health we need to take a look at psychosomatic illness. The term literally means ‘from the mind’ and is often used negatively as if the person is a hypochondriac. As a homeopath, I see this quite differently. It is impossible to regard physical, mental and/or emotional symptomology as arising from separate ‘parts’ of you. As I have written about many times, from a homeopathic perspective, you are a whole, integrated being and symptoms cannot exist in one sphere without an impact or influence by, or in another.

So what role does your mind play in your physical symptoms?

When you have a physical symptom, you experience a sensation (for example a pain behind the eyes after working at your desk). This ache is real and it exists for you. As soon as we mentally tune into it however, we also tune into the circumstances around it (the computer, sitting working hard, the sitting position, the lighting, smells etc)…and should that ache re-occur with some or all of the same set of conditions, the mind locks onto those and you will be much more likely to trigger that sensation when those same conditions are next present. We can then take that a stage further and see that your mind can re-create that pain for you with the right triggers even though it has no reason to exist for you otherwise.

If we magnify this in the case of a severe and debilitating physical symptom such as a migraine, then we might also add fear as a trigger. Anyone who has regular migraines will know that if a set of circumstances occur that have historically triggered an attack, then the body already chemically gets ready for the ensuing headache, before it exists! We all also know from our own experience that when we focus on our pain it intensifies, and when we are distracted , it feels better. What we are doing is using the power of our mind to either create, or intensify our physical symptom by directing our energies towards it and requesting confirmation and fulfillment from the universe around us.

So what does this mean for sufferers of poor health?

Well it is very important as you read this, not to start blaming yourself for your ill-health. You may have many reasons why you have physical symptoms and the mind is just one contributory factor. In fact, by adding guilt or blame, you are again creating more focus around your pain rather than away from it.

So what can homeopathy do to help?

If you are in a cycle of chronic illness or repetitive symptomology, Homeopathy can assist your vital force in breaking that cycle. When a homeopathic medicine is prescribed, the initial comment from a long suffering patient may go something like this… “I still have the headaches but they seem less intense, or they don’t seem to bother me as much”. This kind of initial response to to a prescription usually occurs in the immediate hours or days after taking the medicine, and is a great indicator that the mind has shifted and the focus has moved away from the suffering and towards something else. this results in the attraction of a different set of circumstances and can produce healing.In other words….the psyche is no longer busy creating soma! (As in psychosomatic). To answer the question: ‘Are we disease Creators’? Yes, we are but we can also be health creators too and my next article will explore how you can manifest something entirely different for your health!

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