David’s Story of Autism

David’s Story of Autism

He came into my clinic for the first time last month. This was in fact not only his frst appointment with me, but also his first ever Homeopathic appointment. I was immediately charmed by his easy grin, gorgeous and open face and was totally won over by the cheeky glint in his eye. He had me in the palm of his hand within minutes…… However, you should know that David is absolutely extraordinary…..he is 7, has the developmental age of a toddler and is severely autistic.

Like with all my patients I took David’s case over the course of an hour. In this instance I had read some of his notes prior to the consultation as there was alot of medical information to absorb and I wanted to be totally ‘present’ with David and his parents in the consultation without having to read copious notes. In addition to hearing his story, I observed David closely and did what I call ‘sitting with his energy’. This is something we all do all the time when we are with people; but Homeopaths learn to analyse this process and use it as another peice of information to inform their choice of homeopathic treatment.

As with all autistic cases (or indeed any case with a complex medical situation or involving complex testing and treatment,) there is a huge amount of information about the patient to absorb. There is also a risk that the homeopath can become ‘lost’ in all this information and miss some crucial information in front of them. But on the positive side I find that with autistic children there is a fearlessness aboutwho they are. They do not have the context of following societal norms of behaviour and thereforepresent to you without guile or gloss. David was just himself. Irrepressibly affectionate, slightly cheeky, non-verbal but with a highly expressive face andand ability to occasionally ‘see’ you just for a brief moment that it was a pleasure to share. Asa homeopath but also as a person I always find it humbling and a privilege to be able to witness the growth and development of any of my patients. In David’s case, even more so because the changes that are possible will bring great change and delight to not only him but his whole family. Treating Autism with Homeopathy Treating autism with Homeopathy does not require any substantial differences in methodology from treating most cases. Homeopaths treat all patients as individuals and do not usually have specific treatment protocols for certain conditions. Instead Homeopaths follow certain guidelines:

  • Treat each patient just as they present themselves at that time.
  • Listen to their story with impartiality, an open heart and without judegment.
  • Absorb all the important physical, mental, emotional details about the case.
  • Observe the patient very carefully.
  • ‘Feel’ the energy of the patient and try to decipher what additional information this might be providing.
  • Put all this information together before selecting a homeopathic medicine that will best support the patient at this time and provide the healing stimulus for the maximum relief from their symptoms.

David was no different and I prescribed him a homeopathic medicine that took its lead from David’s mother’s knowledge about the causation of his autism. This is a brief summary of what happened.

David took his First Homeopathic medicine

David took his medicine for 4 weeks and had some encouraging changes and his parents reported the following:

  • Interest and attachment insome toys. Previously David was not interested but now carries his new cuddly snake around with him
  • Understanding of more complex and multi-layered instructions. This started after some chelation therapy but made a significant “step change” after the Homeopathic medicine
  • Change in sleep patterns. It actually made him hyper in the evenings until the medicine was stopped and this was something that had happened previously under chelation.
  • Seemingly making attempts to copy a word which was a completely new revelation!

If you would like to hear what happens next in David’s story, stay in touch and part two will be coming soon. If you want to hear more about the details of Homeopathic treatment for Autism and how it works, you might like to listen to “Treating Autism, Aspergers and ADS Children Successfully with Homeopathy” teleseminar where a homeopathic expert on treating Autism – Fran Sheffield and I, discuss what homeopathy can do for autism and what results you can expect. There is also an extensive PDF book of resources available as part of the package and this is available as part of my Parents Practical Tools series. David’s Story is to be continued……….

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