Childbirth and Homeopathy Part 2

Childbirth and Homeopathy Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Childbirth and Homeopathy where Sam Adkins the Homeopathic Coach gives you some specific homeopathic medicines that you can use during and after childbirth. In Part 1 Sam explained what to expect from Homeopathy during labour and how it can make childbirth easier for you and your partner.

As we discovered in part 1, Childbirth is a completely natural process during which the birthing mother has to surrender her body to the powerful experience of giving birth.

Sometimes births go extremely smoothly but it is not unusual to encounter moments during labour when you feel as if you need some outside help or intervention to move into another phase or ‘space’.

This is where homeopathy can be helpful. Although the whole gamut of homeopathic medicines that can be used during birth cannot be covered here, I am going to provide you with some specific medicines so that you can use them during your labour to help you.

One important point to note is that when you are in labour, you are not really in a fit state to consult this article and then decide what homeopathic medicine you may need. If you intend to use these medicines, then you need to make some clear notes for your birthing partner and allow that person to decide and administer the homeopathic medicines as you need them – they will be able to provide an objective view of your state and therefore the homeopathic medicine that you need.

So where do you start?

Dosage Guidelines
You will see that most of the homeopathic medicines listed below are given in the 200 potency. Homeopathic medicines are readily available in the 30th potency, but because labour produces strong energetic symptomology I find the 200 potency works faster. If you cannot obtain these then just get the 30 potency and take the medicine more frequently. With all Homeopathic medicine dosing, you only give the medicine when the symptoms are present. When the symptoms have gone, that medicine is no longer relevant until those particular symptoms return again. If there is no reaction to your dose after two doses, then you have not taken the right medicine.

Here are some great Homeopathic medicine tips for you to use in your labour. For more information contact The Homeopathic Coach directly.

Labour can be long and tiring so it would be great to have a medicine that you could take to keep your stamina and energy levels up. For this I would recommend Kali Phos 3X Tissue Salts. When your energy is fading take this in either drops or tablet form in between contractions until your energy returns.

Slow Labour
For a slow labour with painful and irregular contractions where the cervix does not seem to dilate but your labour pains are felt all over the place (eg. in legs, groin, bladder as well as the uterus), take Caulophyllum 200. 1 tablet or a couple of drops can make the difference and contractions can then get properly established.

Overdue Baby
Caulophyllum 200 can also be a good one to take if your labour has not started and your baby is overdue and you are facing an induction. In this case take it 3 x day for one day to try and start labour.

Sudden and fast labour
Fast labour can be very scary for a mother, especially first time round and Aconite 200 can help when there are no breaks between contractions (especially useful in ‘transition’ and during an induced labour).

Emotional States
During labour it is natural for the mother to go through different emotional states and each time this happens it is a natural part of the birthing process. IF however the mother does not transition through one of these extreme states and gets ‘stuck’, this can hold up the progress of the labour and an appropriate homeopathic medicine can be very effective.

Here are two of the most common emotional states that can easily be supported with Homeopathy

Angry, irritable and impossible to please: Give Chamomilla 200 one dose only

Panicky, restless and very fearful (even having the irrational fear that she or her baby will die): Aconite 200 one dose only

Post natal

Immediately after birth your will feel the most amazing emotions such as elated, relieved and overwhelmed. These are all natural and normal emotions and it is also normal to feel very sore and bruised. To help considerably with the process of recovery, take Arnica 1M one dose only, as soon as you can after birth. This also applies if you have had a caesarian birth as it helps markedly to reduce inflammation and pain. Repeat it once daily only for 3 days in total.

Epesiotomy and tearing

This is where the homeopathic medicine Calendula comes in. Ask your alternative pharmacy to provide you with a small amount of Calendula tincture and add a few drops of to a bowl of warm water and bath your tears/stitches daily in this way. Calendula has impressive healing properties and can speed up the whole healing process markedly.

So where can you get all these homeopathic medicines from?

If you are in the UK then use Helios, in Australia/New Zealand use Simillimum. If you are in the USA this online source is a good place to start if you don’t know how to access homeopathic medicines locally.
In the meantime, if you are pregnant, stay well and take it easy and don’t forget your Homeopathic medicines for your birth!

Look out for my new Homeopathic Support options for pregnancy and birth that I am currently working on! 🙂

If you are not pregnant, then please feel free to pass this article onto someone who is, so they too can have the support of homeopathy. Thank you!

Want to know what homeopathic medicines to use as an alternative for common ailments? The Homeopathic Coach E-Guide to Common Family Ailments will be coming soon but in the meantime, sign up for The Homeopathic Coach’s Homeopathy at Home E-Zine and watch out for more articles like this one.

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Happy Homeopathic home prescribing!

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