Childbirth and Homeopathy – Part 1

Childbirth and Homeopathy – Part 1

What can homeopathy do for you during childbirth?

How can it help and what do you need to know?

Sam Adkins, The Homeopathic Coach gives you the low down in a two part article series. In Part One Sam will tell you what to expect from Homeopathy during labour and how it could make childbirth easier for you and your partner.

Childbirth is one of the only times in our lives when we are at the total mercy of our body as it undergoes the marvelously powerful and exciting process of childbirth! As labour commences, not only do you enter a completely unpredictable period of hours or days when you have to learn to surrender to the wonder and power of childbirth, but you also get an amazing present at the end of it – your baby!

Nowadays, especially in the western world, childbirth has become an over medicalised ‘procedure’ and I think that we can lose sight of what an amazingly designed and natural process it is. For 1000s of years women have been having babies and it is only recently that cesarian sections have been taking the process from the woman and her partner, and giving it to the doctors. Homeopathy is such an empowering medicine (as you will know if you have been reading my recent articles), and can provide rapid change during childbirth that just might prevent complications from arising. It can be a wonderful tool so you feel some control of what happens.

So let’s get into the detail… For some lucky women, childbirth is low key, easy and uneventful in terms of issues. For some, it is fast and furious and this can have some repercussions for tearing of the perineum (as it doesn’t have time to soften), but also for emotional shock to both the mother, her birth partner AND the baby. For other women, labour is just that, a long endurance test of immense stamina, testing all our resources, physically and emotionally, AND our mental ability to cope.

There are some key decision points and questions that arise for all labours:

  • Shall I have my waters broken?
  • Do I need some pharmaceutical help to make the labour progress?
  • Will I take painkillers/have an epidural and what does that mean for my baby?
  • Which position will work for me for labour/delivery?
  • Shall I have gas and air and will it help me?
  • Will the midwives/doctors be nice?
  • Will my birth partner give me what I need?

The labour journey can be fraught with huge all-encompassing emotions:

  • “I can’t do it”
  • “I can’t bear it”
  • “I’m frightened”
  • “I want this to stop soI can go home”
  • “The pain is too much for me”

It is also characterized by wonderful joy and elation and togetherness.

So what kind of things can be experienced and what can homeopathy help with?

There are backache labours where the pain is felt predominantly in the back and sometimes down the thighs. This can be caused by the position of the baby but sometimes it’s just the way an individual woman labours. If the baby has itself in a posterior position so it has it’s back to your back rather than the other way round, a ‘backache labour’ may result. Homeopathy has medicines to help you deal with this type of situation. Some labours are very rapid, some start and then stop, sometimes the cervix dilates only so far and then appears to stall. Some women have regular contractions that are strong and established but the cervix is stubborn to dilate. These are all situations that can be either improved or alleviated by a well prescribed homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy can help ineffectual contractions to become effective, and best of all, it can promote a fast and speedy recovery with some post natal homeopathic medicines. I also prescribe regularly for post C-section recovery as homeopathy is a wonderful post operative medicine.

This is what a patient of mine, Anna Harpley had to say after using Homeopathic medicines during her labour:

“After a cesarian operation I used Sam’s cesarian recovery kit and my expedient recovery from the operation and long labour after using the Homeopathic medicines was extraordinary. I also used a homeopathic remedy to avoid induction after my baby was overdue and within seven hours , as prescribed, my labour commenced! Thankyou for all your support!”

Anna Harpley, Sydney 2007

When anticipating your labour, it is very important to recall that it is a natural process and not to get hung up on negative stories that people love to tell you! With a positive attitude, you are more likely to be one of the lucky ones who sails through labour with relative ease and a big smile on your face as you hold your newborn! So that’s a brief summary of the areas homeopathy can influence during the exciting and wonderful process of childbirth.Part two in will take you through some key homeopathic medicines that I would strongly recommend for you during labour, and which I would not have been without during the births of my two children 🙂

In the meantime, if you are pregnant, stay well and take it easy! If you are not, then please feel free to pass this article onto someone who is, so they too can have the support of homeopathy. Thank you!

Want to know what homeopathic medicines to use as an alternative for common ailments? The Homeopathic Coach E-Guide to Common Family Ailments will be coming soon but in the meantime, sign up for The Homeopathic Coach’s Homeopathy at Home E-Zine and watch out for more articles like this one.

Happy Homeopathic home prescribing!

© Sam Adkins 2008
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