Can You Simply CHOOSE Health?

Can You Simply CHOOSE Health?

Choices are everywhere at every moment. What shall we eat? What shall we do or say? To those of you who like to be aware and conscious about how you are living your lives, you will be very aware that we also have a choice in every moment what to think or not to think. Although our minds are often very dominant in our lives, WE ARE NOT OUR MIND and we do have a say in what thought processes can be dominant at any given time. 

Let’s get right back to basics here. When you are unwell and you know that getting more sleep or eating such and such will help you recover, and you do not do it, you are effectively saying to yourself that you are choosing to maintain or encourage your poor state of health. When you do the opposite, you are signaling to your body that you place a value on it beyond what it can do for you and that you are prepared to give yourself what you need to get well.
But let’s get beneath this surface layer and look at the deeper issues around choice and health.

Accommodation of Ill-Health

As a Homeopath I see many chronically unwell patients. Some with a multitude of conditions lasting many years. Often they have done many practical things to try and get well and conventional medicine has had no answers for them. Sometimes they have also tried many alternative medical approaches for their health, and for some reason they still are unwell.  When this happens there is consequentially a considerable accommodation of their illness within their lives. They have to change behaviors to make sure there is a place for their illness; in effect …they make room for it. Although completely understandable, this is also an encouragement for ill-health to be maintained.

Sub-conscious Beliefs

When we are suffering, on a conscious level of course we want our suffering and discomfort to stop. On a deeper sub-conscious level however, we might be telling ourselves a whole different set of things. These are often referred to as limiting beliefs and play a very powerful role in whether we get well or not. Some common examples are:
  • My body does not have the capacity to get over this
  • If I let go of this illness who will I be then? (Common after very prolonged ill-health)
  • When I am ill I get lots of attention from people who are close to me…this will stop if I recover
  • If I am well I will have to face situations that are frightening to me and I am not up to it

So how can we access these limiting beliefs and change our health?

Homeopathy is one of those medicines that actually works profoundly on all levels. The most rewarding part of constitutional Homeopathic treatment (when the Homeopath prescribes for the whole person rather then just their physical acute symptoms), is that the original complaint the patient presented heals, but more rewarding still is that the person undergoes a whole transformation in personal growth. The degree of which depends on both the condition and the person, as well as the efficacy of the Homeopathic prescription. For example:
A workaholic patient came to the consulting room with his chronic skin condition. Over time with Homeopathic treatment, his workaholic, obsessive nature softened and he ended up living a life free from self-restraint, feeling empowered about his choices and with a good work-life balance. (His wife was very pleased!). (His skin condition was also cured after 20 years.)
Or the patient with sinusitis for over 10 years learns after a Homeopathic medicine to express her emotions and starts connecting better with friends, family and work colleagues and feels a sense of freedom in her life that she had forgotten was possible. She also stopped having recurrent sinusitis.

Ask Yourself This…

One of the most important questions you can choose to ask yourself if you are chronically unwell is this:
What is the pay-off for me in maintaining this state of ill-health?
Take a piece of paper and write this question at the top. When you have overcome the initial sense of understandable indignation from the idea that you might be getting any benefits from your ill-health, take a deep breath and start downloading all the things that spring to mind. Don’t consider , just let ideas flow, and pretty soon you will find that although you detest your health issue, you often have quite a few benefits too. Becoming aware of this fact will in itself start to shift your subconscious beliefs as you are tapping right into your deepest fears and ideas and bringing them into conscious consideration.
This is a great place to start. Once you have completed this exercise this may be enough to help start a conscious shift and release of old patterns. If it is not, then you need some assistance so make an appointment with me or your local Homeopath today.
Happy Homeopathic Prescribing
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