Raw juices for vibrant health!

I am often mentioning how to stay healthy and well it is not enough to just use Homeopathy and neglect other areas of your health. Instead you need to pay attention to your diet, exercise regime and your thoughts. There are several things that I do regularly to stay vibrantly healthy and full of energy and one of them is make a fresh, green juice every morning for myself and my family. If you are not already up to speed with the idea behind raw food, let me explain briefly. Raw Food and Juices Raw food contains important enzymes that are destroyed or de-natured when cooked so in eating raw food you not only provide extra nutritional beneifit to your body, but you also take in the enzymes that help the food to digest. This is turn means that to digest your food you do not need to use so much of your own energy and therefore you end up with an additional overall gain! In addition it is suggested that we are not made to eat cooked foods and that raw foods suit and alkinalise our bodies which promotes a disease-free state. It is worth saying that this point that if you have a standard centrifugal juicer you will find it very difficult to juice greens with loads going in and not much juice if any, coming out. If you have what is called a masticating juicer, juicing greens is a breeze. In addition the centrifugal juices tend to heat the juice slightly and this means the enzymes will not last as long. With a masticating juicer, you can... read more

Crying Babies, Reflux and Homeopathy

All babies cry but some babies cry ALL the time or for prolonged periods, and nothing seems to comfort them. Read on, because in this article we will be exploring some of the causes for this crying and looking specificaly at the issue of reflux and what Homeoapthy can do to help. Firstly,  I want to acknowledge those parents reading this who are going through this experience. It is not quite what you imagined when you gave birth to your baby is it? Your desire to help your child, coupled with the emotional and physical exhaustion of coping with relentless crying when you feel powerless to stop it, can really take its toll. One of my babies cried like this and for 4 months the only thing that would sometimes help was very fast forward motion in a pram. Consequentially, I walked very fast for miles and miles every day which was physically exhausting in itself. If I had had the homeopathic know-howI have now back then, I would am sure my child would not have had to cry like that! So personally it is very important to me that I can pass this information on to you. Please share this with other parents who may behaving a crying baby experience! Causes of Crying If you have a baby who cries alot it is important that you make sure that very serious issues have been ruled out by having your baby examined by a doctor. Once you have done this you can move on to identify what is actually wrong with your baby. There are 3 common areas to consider:... read more

Homeopathy and Swine Flu

I think it is important to let my readers hear a  Homeopathic perspective on this so-called Swine Flu epidemic/pandemic. Whilst there is no doubt that this is a serious infection, the media is having a great time selling newspapers and in doing so causing alarm in the world about the likelihood or otherwise of catching this influenza. It is also clear from the current information that flu shots will not give you protection against this influenza strain and if you read Dr Mercola’s newsletter, may even do you harm. Being fearful of getting infected and even expecting to get infected is a good way to encourage your immune system to be susceptible. Taking sensible precautions such as regular washing of hands when in public spaces and eating good nutrition and basically taking sensible steps to look after your immune system will ensure you are ready to face any infection that just might come your way. Homeopathy treats influenza successfully and regularly. So if you get flu symptoms you can start on some appropriate homeopathics. If you are unsure what to take from the resources in my article referenced below in this post, your best bet will be Oscillococcinum 200 daily until symptoms are resolved. You can obtain this from ABC Homeopathy If you really feel you need to take a preventative, there have been some encouraging clinical results with the Homeopathic medicine Influenzum 9C. You can obtain this from Dana Ullman in the USA or email me to source either of these medicines in Australia. Here are two great resources for you so you can obtain information about the holistic approach: Treating Influenza with Homeopathy by Sam... read more

Homeopathy, Exercise and Health

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are already eating a healthy diet and interested in looking after your health holistically. I am writing this article for you today to draw your attention to another key element of your heath that you might be overlooking. This is the crucial element of physical exercise. Read on to find out more….. We are built to be active. Our ancestors did not have a reason to sit around for long periods of time and office jobs had yet to be invented! Our bodies are absolutely unique and their highly sophisticated systems are geared to movement, activity and integration. Let’s take a look at some of the key body systems and consider the effects of exercise.  Skeletal System Exercise helps build strong and healthy bones, musches and joints. The relationship between these elements is just as important as the individual components and so it is important to work the skeletal system as a whole. Without excercise our joints become less supple as ligamanets tighten; and with excessive weight-lifting our muscles become short and bunched leading to less joint mobility. Exercise with a good range of movement is recommended, or a combination of exercise in your week that increases joint mobility and contains some load bearing such as walking. Load bearing exercise guards againts osteoporosis by increasing bone density. Digestive System Our digestive systems work better with regular exercise. If you are a constipation sufferer then you will see a big difference if you take a brisk 20 minutes walk daily as long as your diet is good. Exercise seems to increase... read more

David’s Story of Autism

He came into my clinic for the first time last month. This was in fact not only his frst appointment with me, but also his first ever Homeopathic appointment. I was immediately charmed by his easy grin, gorgeous and open face and was totally won over by the cheeky glint in his eye. He had me in the palm of his hand within minutes…… However, you should know that David is absolutely extraordinary…..he is 7, has the developmental age of a toddler and is severely autistic. Like with all my patients I took David’s case over the course of an hour. In this instance I had read some of his notes prior to the consultation as there was alot of medical information to absorb and I wanted to be totally ‘present’ with David and his parents in the consultation without having to read copious notes. In addition to hearing his story, I observed David closely and did what I call ‘sitting with his energy’. This is something we all do all the time when we are with people; but Homeopaths learn to analyse this process and use it as another peice of information to inform their choice of homeopathic treatment. As with all autistic cases (or indeed any case with a complex medical situation or involving complex testing and treatment,) there is a huge amount of information about the patient to absorb. There is also a risk that the homeopath can become ‘lost’ in all this information and miss some crucial information in front of them. But on the positive side I find that with autistic children there is... read more

Treating Cystitis Fast!

Homeopathy is a very practical medicine. When you have an acute illness with such uncomfortable symptoms as Cystitis, you need to know that you can take a homeopathic medicine and it will take effect fast. You need relief from symptoms, not just theories! Some people seem to be more prone to Cystitis than others and some unlucky few get it repeatedly. Women tend to get it more than men mainly because the shorter female urethra (the tube from the bladder) is easily invaded by microbes from other areas. If men get it, it is unusual and often present as a secondary issue to bladder or prostate problems. So what exactly is Cystitis and what does it feel like? (My readers amongst you that have had Cystitis will already be involuntarily crossing their legs!) Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, often caused by a bacterial infection of E-coli. The two characteristic symptoms are a frequent urge to urinate and a burning sensation on passing urine. This burning sensation can extend to before, during and after urinating in some cases and there is often a sensation as if the bladder is not being emptied properly. ‘Urethral syndrome’ is an irritation of the bladder and urethra due to other causes and can be a chronic condition. What about in pregnancy? It is common in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, to experience frequent urges to urinate more frequently than normal for you. This does not require any treatment as it is a normal part of pregnancy. You can identify if you have a urinary tract infection (Cystitis) however, because you... read more

Shock, Grief, Trauma and Homeopathy

Homeopathy can treat shock, trauma and grief very effectively. We all know that severe physical pain can cause an emotional response, and our system can also respond in reverse. When we experience strong emotions such as overwhelming fear or grief, our system can respond rapidly and biochemically to express or ‘discharge’ the intensity of that emotion by feeling faint, nauseous or weak. In the longer term, acute emotional pain can also lead in some cases to chronic physical illness. As a homeopath, we often treat patients suffering years of chronic illness which began after a traumatic event such as a divorce, death of a loved one, or a severe fright. Sometimes it can even begin after something that seemed relatively simple at the time such as a house move, new school or a child’s best friend moving away. I am keen to let you know that treating acute emotional distress is very important as it helps prevent an individual internalizing their emotions and co-expressing it on other levels leading to health problems. I have outlined some extreme emotional states that can be helped with Homeopathy and explained what you can use to treat them. Fear and Fright Any sudden fright or a prolonged state of high anxiety and fear will respond well to the homeopathic medicine called Aconite. This is the medicine to give when something happens unexpectedly and has a high impact. There is often a fear of death and for one’s own safety or the safety of others. Give Aconite in either the 30 or 200 potency to help the individual to cope. If a child/adult is... read more

What does your skin say about your health?

Skin diseases can be unpleasant. They are often uncomfortable and because they are on our skin they are often available for the world to see. Homeopaths think about skin complaints in a completely different way to conventional doctors however. Homeopaths recognise an essential and living energy in all of us. We call this the Vital Force. This Vital Force makes us alive; it is at a low ebb when you are unwell and it fills you up with energy when you can spring out of bed in the morning. It is also what leaves us when we die. When a new patient visits a Homeopath with his skin complaint,the Homeopath is compassionate for the discomfort that the skin complaint provides; but he /she also knows that this is a good sign of a healthy Vital Force having its expression. It is much better for the patient to have a complaint on the outside of their body, than say a complaint such as asthma, which is sited in the lungs. The reason is obvious. One is an imbalance expressed on the skin which can have all manner of symptoms without having any threat to life; and the other is an imbalance expressed in a life essential pair of organs, the lungs. Homeopaths view the Vital Force as having an essentially centrifugal effect. If able, the Vital Force will push all imbalances to the externals and so that is partly why skin symptoms are so common. Skin symptoms tell the homeopath that the Vital Force is strong and healthy which is a great start on the road to better health. This... read more