Homeopathic Cough Cures Part 1

Coughs can be tricky things to treat sometimes. Homeopathy can treat coughs very successfully but sometimes as a beginner prescriber, it is tricky to know what symptoms to take into account when choosing a homeopathic cough medicine. This article describes what to look for when taking a cough case, and oulines the 6 key reasons to treat a cough. Part 2 in the next issue,will share the specific homeopathic medicines I recommend for cough cures. Should we always treat a cough? We live in a culture in the western world where we have a tendency to think that every time we have a physical symptom that makes us slightly uncomfortable, we should remove it at all costs. Homeopaths see symptoms as effective ways for the body to get better. An acute cough is the body’s usual way of clearing the chest or throat of mucous or sputum so it has a very important function in your body. So if a cough is productive, loose and only slightly uncomfortable; and in addition, changes as the infection it is clearing progresses in a positive direction, it is best to let nature take its course. This is when we can marvel at how clever our body really is! If however it is clear that the cough is not changing in a positive direction and is not helping to improve the health of the patient, then this is a perfect time to whip out this article and get your homeopathic hat on! Here are 6 key reasons to treat a cough: When it is dry, unproductive and or painful for more than 12-24... read more

Does YOUR Crying Baby need Structural work?

It is commonly thought that because babies are so young they are unlikely to have any serious structural issues. This is not always the case. Just consider the structural forces present in the birth process for your baby. During birth huge forces are placed on the baby’s head and body as it moves down the birth canal. The baby’s head is normally chin to chest as this presents the smallest part of the head to allow for easier passage and the baby will have to turn and twist as it comes through. The baby’s head is amazingly adapted to this process with its skull plates overlapping to reduce the head size and this is why your baby’s head is sometimes mis-shapen after birth and takes some time to get back into a more normal shape. Natural processes such as yawning, crying and sucking serve to help the head’s natural re-moulding process. One of the signs of a baby who is dealing with the strains of this process, can be a baby that wants to suck all the time as it tries to allow strains to resolve. Head-banging babies and teeth grinders when older are also sometimes caused by birth strains. Some cranial osteopaths believe that the moulding of the baby’s head during birth is an essential part of development and thus when babies are born by cesear and miss out on this huge compression, they actually can also suffer from structural issues for different reasons. Crying babies So what does this have to do with crying babies? If your baby has colic I would strongly advise taking your baby... read more

Does Synchronicity operate in YOUR life?

I have recently visited New York City for 10 days and there I had some really interesting experiences around synchronicity that I wanted to share with you. This is quite a long story so sit back and relax and belt yourself in…great to have you on board! 😉 I believe that life is full of signs and when we start being open to them we see them everywhere. In every given moment we have a choice. Each second presents a whole spectrum of possibilities and our responsibility is to understand that we are able to create our own experience. Life does not happen to you…you create itand once you have mastered this concept not just intellectually, but IN YOUR HEART…you will have a very different experience of your own life. Now those of you reading this who are desperately ill this is a difficult thing to grasp and it is no way a judgement of your predicament. You might be saying now: ” Why on earth would I create this illness for myself?” This is a great question to ask yourself and one that I ponder daily in my Homeopathic clinic around my patients. Having experienced death very closely twice and having observed patients for years, I think I am somewhat qualified (and I only say ‘somewhat’) to answer this question. When we create disease in our bodies, it is NOT usually because we said “I want to have cancer or MS in my body” but it IS because we gave out signals over many years to the universe that this outcome would fulfill a basic requirement of ourselves... read more

Homeopathic Jetlag recovery 6 Step Program

Having just flown a gruelling 29 hour flight from Sydney, Australia to New York City via Aukland, New Zealand, it occurred to me that us Homeopaths have a great secret that we should really be sharing with you. I have done so many 24 hour journeys across datelines and timezones that I have developed a tried and tested formula for recovering from jetlag and in my case in fact, eliminating it altogether! It is key to approach jetlag recovery from a holistic approach, considering the whole body and mind. If you are to use this program, please do not take pharmaceutical medications as well! This video is my way of sharing my knowledge with you and it’s called “The Homeopathic 6 Step Jetlag Recovery Program” Homeopathic Jetlag Recovery 6 Step Program from Sam Adkins on Vimeo.  If after watching the video you would like to get hold of my secret combination formula contact me through my website and I will let you know how to get hold of my Jetlag Recovery Formula. Rules and regulation in Australia are such thatI can only sell it to you with a very brief consultation first. Happy... read more

Letting Go is a Powerful Healer

Learning about healing and homeopathy for me can come in interesting places. Last weekend we had the opportunity to be out on a boat on Sydney harbour. The kids with us suggested we have a ‘Titanic’ moment (ie – standing on thebow of the boat witharms spread out!) while the boat was moving through the water. It was this game that really got me thinking and I would like to sharethese thoughts with you. When it was my turn to have my own ‘Titanic’ moment I found that I had to initially brace my legs hard to prevent tumbling into the wintry sea below; but after a few seconds it was clear to me that if I just allowed the unpredictable movement of the boat to flow through my body, then I was simultaneously more ‘fluid’ and more stable. Notice that I use the words “allowing” and “unpredictable” as it is important that you bear this in mind as you read on. What role does ‘allowing’ play in our health/ill-health? It has always been my belief as a holistic health practitioner that our unconscious self plays a significant part in our health and well-being. When patients come to me for treatment they heal as a response to a combination of my homeopathic prescribing, the permission they give themsleves to change, and their willingness on all levels to heal. You may or may not be aware of Byron Katie’s work but here is a link to an interesting and moving video, where a man with cancer finds 4 ways in which he doesn’t want his cancer to go away because... read more

Homeopathy, Exercise and Health – follow up

In my last ezine I talked about the reasons why exercise is good for you. If you did not know this information already, you now have some great reasons to get active. But what if you know this already and motivation is your real problem? Today we are going to examine the blocks that may be holding you back from steppinginto a healthier way of being. Then I am going to give you 7 ways to get yourself up and exercising! “The Shoulds’ I don’t know about you but being told I ‘should’ do something does not make me do it! In fact hearing my own voice saying the same thing has the same effect. Instead of beating yourself into submission around exercise let’s examine the things that may be holding you back from exercising regularly. Take a moment with a blank piece of paper divided into two columns and write down 10 benefits you currently get when you do NOT exercise. (This may be a hard list to fill for some of you but don’t worry). Then, write down the10 benefits you will get from taking exercise regularly. Now imagine you are giving a talk to an audience about the benefits to you of NOT exercising. Would your audience buy into your stance? Would you feel good about standing by your lack of exercise? If either of these answers is “NO” then you are ready to start making an exercise action plan. Here are the 7 steps to a healthier you! Enjoy it: Choose forms of exercise that you actually enjoy. It doesn’t have to be the thing that will make you... read more

Does Your Baby Have Colic?

In a recent blog post I wrote about using Homeopathy to treat crying babies with reflux and this time I am concentrating on the issue of colic and how Homeopathy can help. Colic and Reflux can be often be confused for each other by both parents (and websites!) so if you want some more information on Reflux, what it is, and how Homeopathy treats it, read my previous article: Crying babies, Homeopathy and Reflux. This article looks at infant colic and what steps you can take to help both your baby and yourself. What is Colic? Colic is a term given to babies who fuss and cry for no apparent reason and are often hard to get into an established routine. All babies cry on average for 2.5 hours in any 24 hour period but babies with colic will look uncomfortable when they are crying, and may exhibit symptoms such as drawing their legs up. While we don’t know exactly why come babies suffer from colic, it is thought to be due to an immature digestive system and sometimes theirdevelopingnervous system may also bea causal factor. What about YOU? So firstly, let’s concentrate a moment on you. Being the parent of a baby with severe colic is exhausting. Their cries tug at your heart strings and as their parent you feel that you should be able to help them. So what can you do to adjust to this thorny problem? As The Homeopathic Coach I recommend a special 5 step approach for parents whose baby has colic: Get your baby examined by a doctor who is skilled in physical examination of... read more

Raw juices for vibrant health!

I am often mentioning how to stay healthy and well it is not enough to just use Homeopathy and neglect other areas of your health. Instead you need to pay attention to your diet, exercise regime and your thoughts. There are several things that I do regularly to stay vibrantly healthy and full of energy and one of them is make a fresh, green juice every morning for myself and my family. If you are not already up to speed with the idea behind raw food, let me explain briefly. Raw Food and Juices Raw food contains important enzymes that are destroyed or de-natured when cooked so in eating raw food you not only provide extra nutritional beneifit to your body, but you also take in the enzymes that help the food to digest. This is turn means that to digest your food you do not need to use so much of your own energy and therefore you end up with an additional overall gain! In addition it is suggested that we are not made to eat cooked foods and that raw foods suit and alkinalise our bodies which promotes a disease-free state. It is worth saying that this point that if you have a standard centrifugal juicer you will find it very difficult to juice greens with loads going in and not much juice if any, coming out. If you have what is called a masticating juicer, juicing greens is a breeze. In addition the centrifugal juices tend to heat the juice slightly and this means the enzymes will not last as long. With a masticating juicer, you can... read more