Treating Bleeding with Homeopathy

Correctly prescribed homeopathic medicines can stop bleeding rapidly. In many first aid situations it is imperative to stop bleeding, so ensure first that you take the appropriate first aid measures such as using pressure on the wound; and remember that any severe bleeding OR suspected internal bleeding needs urgent medical attention. Last year a patient called and asked if I could treat her friend who was having a period so heavy that it was a heamorrage. This situation had apparently been going on for several days. Significant blood loss is NOT to be taken lightly, so after determining as best I could exactly how much blood this woman had lost, I prescribed a high potency Homeopathic medicine and told her that if the bleeding did not slow down markedly within 30 minutes of taking the medicine, she must go to the ER. Well of course the bleeding actually almost STOPPED within 20 minutes and of course the patient was delighted. The reason for sharing this story is to show you that Homeopathy can be highly effective in first aid situations, but also to impress upon you that in serious first aid situations I recommend Homeopathy as an addition to seeking urgent medical attention when necessary. The following medicines are indicated for bleeding: Aconitum: Give this medicine when there is bleeding with marked restlessness, fear and anxiety. Give 30 or 200 potency every 15 minutes or until bleeding stops. Arnica: This is very effective for bleeding whether external or internal and is appropriate also for the shock and trauma that is present along with bleeding. Give Arnica 30 every 15 mins to... read more

The Health Benefits of Meditation

If you are reading this as a person who regularly meditates then you will not be surprised how amazing the therapeutic benefits of meditation can be. If by contrast you do not currently meditate, I hope this article will help you to consider learning how to begin.  What is meditation? To newcomers, meditation sounds like something that only ‘enlightened souls’ practice, that is not really for the ordinary person! However this could not be further from the truth. If I had my way I would have it on the primary school curriculum in all countries as it is a skill that once learnt can have undeniable benefits to your health and sense of well-being. In essence it is an opportunity to actively concentrate on your own thoughts and your sense of your self. Meditation is a sustained effort of concentration in which you can calm both your body and your mind. What are the main known physiological benefits? Slows heart rate Decreases respiratory rate Lowers blood pressure Decreases blood levels of stress hormones Increases the feel-good substance seratonin, low levels of which are associated with depression, obesity and insomnia Helps post operative healing Decreases muscle tension Reduces pre menstrual tension Reduces headaches Reduces chronic and acute pain Improves insomnia How might meditation achieve this? Certain hypotheses have arisen from the scientific research about how these amazing benefits might be achieved. Just to get technical for a moment I want to explain a bit about our nervous system. There is a part of our nervous system called the autonomic system, that governs the involuntary processes in the body such as... read more

Homeopathy for Tropical Climates Video

Tropical climates place interesting demands on our bodies due to high heat and humidity. Whilst experiencing these conditions recently in Thailand, I decided to make a new video in my Homeopathy Made Easy Series which is designed to provide free and easy Homeopathic information for all kinds of conditions. To catch the whole series so far go here. In my new video I have  covered the four main conditions that could commonly arise in Tropical climates: Sunstroke and Heatstroke Dehydration Insect bites Sunburn With each condition I provide self-help information and the best and most commonly available Homeopathic solutions to these problems. Watch the video right here, but don’t forget to comment and rate it:) Thank you in advance for watching! Happy Homeopathic prescribing 🙂 If you want regular homeopathic inspiration from The Homeopathic Coach, visit hernew blog and join as a member to be the first in line for new tips and offers as they are released! © Sam Adkins 2009 Would you like to include this article in your newsletter or website? You can as long as you include the following blurb with it: This article was brought to you by Sam Adkins The Homeopathic Coach who teaches families about healthy living and natural remedies using homeopathic medicine. An internationally renowned expert, her helpful articles are regularly syndicated online.  She publishes the ezine Homeopathy@Home to provide free Homeopathic tips, tools and resources to educate and inspire you to use Homeopathy at... read more

Treating Your Teenager or Anxious Child with Homeopathy

Homeopathy works holistically to stimulate your body to heal itself. As it works on all levels – mind, emotions and physical, we can use Homeopathy to treat emotional states such as anxiety. Although chronic long-term anxiety should be treated by a professional homeopath, if your child has started getting anxious or tends to exhibit anxiety before an exam or trip to the dentist, then he or she will respond well to a well prescribed acute anxiety homeopathic medicine. The first thing to do is to take what we call an “acute” case. This is when a condition is self-limiting rather than chronic. This is how you go about it: How to Take “The Case” Observe your child and ask yourself the following questions: What behaviours do they have that is not normal for them? Are they exhibiting physical signs such as restlessness or running to the bathroom? What are they saying to others/themself? What is it they are worried about? Once you have observed, and spoken to your child, you can now determine broadly what type of anxiety they are experiencing. Important: If your child is exhibiting generalised anxiety of a severe or prolonged nature it is important that you can determine the cause such as bullying at school. This type of severe anxiety would be better treated by a professional Homeoapth as it requires a deep understanding of constitutional prescribing. The easiest anxiety state to prescribe for is when your child is anxious about a particular event or occasion. Event or Performance Anxiety This is the type of anxiety related to a particular event such as a school... read more

Want to be your OWN Homeopath?

Special Training Announcement! I have got some excellent news for you from The Homeopathic Coach HQ! As I mentioned in my last post on First Aid Homeopathy home-study training, it’s important to know how to select a world class Homeopathy course. The key questions you need to ask yourself are: Does the material speak to you in a way that you find accessible and easy to understand? Does it have a Homeopathic kit so you have all the tools you need to get started afterwards? Transparency:  Does the course make its content crystal clear? Does it provide a tutoring/marking option so you can check if your understanding is correct? You can apply these checks to any type of homestudy course and I hope you will! Homeopathy First Aid Correspondance Training available NOW Of course it will be absolutely NO surprise to you that I can now offer what I believe is the BEST First Aid Homeopathy training course anywhere. I personally didn’t write this course. (Although I would be very proud if I did!)  It comes from the internationally renowned School of Homoepathy in the UK who have been providing Homeopathy correspondance courses (as well as face to face courses) for over 20 years now. In fact, yours truly trained at their school many years ago! This long experience means they really know what makes an excellent homestudy course at an affordable price. They provide the best material and train the best Homeopaths! …..Well I would say that wouldn’t I? So, what is in the First Aid Course package? Homeopathy First-Aid Course manual Course DVD: Learn as if you are in... read more

Homeopathy Home-study Training : First Aid

Homeopathy is a sophisticated, scientific system of natural medicine. It respects the whole person and will take into account all aspects of a person with their emotional, mental as well as physical symptoms. This means that when a homeopathic medicine is prescribed it can act as an effective catalyst to help that person heal on all levels. Homeopathy takes such an holistic approach to health, so learning how it works can sometimes seem a bit daunting. As The Homeopathic Coach I am fully committed to bringing you as may products and services that serve your homeopathic journey (be it just to read my ezine and free products, – or to go further and equip yourself with some deeper knowledge). So for some time, I have been looking for some homeopathic training that is of a world class standard; homeopathic courses that I feel provide not only the solid, foundational knowledge needed, but that also provide highly accessible information. How Can I Start Finding Out More? The easiest way to initially learn about Homeopathy, is to start at the very beginning with a course that gives you effective tools fast, and in a practical way so you can use them immediately. You need to be able to access the information rapidly, ensure the material is easy to understand and available when needed, and can be used with quick easy reference to the course material. Homeopathic First Aid courses are ideal for this because the material is usually easy to understand and put into action. 5 Ways to evaluate a Homeopathic First Aid Course Even something that is a relatively low investment such as a Homeopathic First Aid course should be... read more

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Did you know that coconut oil is a superfood? Did you know that it is a healthy fat? I have been researching coconut oil for some time and decided to start eating it myself daily 6 months ago. This article explains why it is so good for you and what can happen if you include it in your diet. I am going to start with a seemingly contentious statement: There is absolutely NO evidence that coconut oil contributes or creates heart disease. In fact all the research says that it actually protects the heart from disease. So now I have got that off my chest (no pun intended) I can explain why this is so. The biology is complicated but I have tried to simplify it so it is easy to understand. About Coconut Oil Fats Fats come in three types: short, medium and long-chain fatty acids. Animal fats in meat and animal products are long-chain. Coconut oil is a mixture of mostly medium (and some short chain) fatty acids. Many of the health benefits of coconut oil are due to the way coconut oil is digested. This process also means that it can aid weightloss very effectively. More on that later but first let me explain the background….. The digestion of Coconut Oil is Different! Our bodies digest fats in different ways according to the size of the chain. Eat a meal containing animal fats such as cheese or meat and the long chain fatty acids require digestion by pancreatic digestive enzymes. They are then absorped through the gut wall as something called lipoproteins and in that  form start... read more

6 Reasons to say NO to the Swine Flu /H1N1 vaccine

When we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones, sometimes it’s hard to know which way to turn for information regarding important things like Swine Flu vaccination. I have been closely following all the hype and information regarding the Swine Flu vaccine that will be hitting all our shores in the next 4 weeks, and I want to share the information that our govenments and politicians are not being open about. Firstly I have to put my stake in the ground regarding vaccination generally because Homeopaths world over are known to most often choose to NOT support general vaccine use. There are many reasons for this stance, but one of the most important, is that vaccines by-pass the immune system’s normal defenses. When you catch measles for example, it is a droplet borne viral infection and the mucous membranes in your upper respiratory tract respond first. When we stick a vial of live or infectious agents (that have been rendered less potent) straight into the blood stream, we are asking the body to mobilise its immune system at its deepest level immediately, without all the natural immune pathways that come first. It has not been proven at any stage that vaccines actually STOP people catching the infectious agent…rather it has been shown that vaccines stimulate antibody production in the blood. We know that our immune system is much more complicated than that and antiobodies are just one part of it. Many of my patients vaccinate themselves and their children and many do not. I support whatever my patients want to do, but I find that I treat vaccinosis (chronic ill-health after... read more