Can You Simply CHOOSE Health?

Choices are everywhere at every moment. What shall we eat? What shall we do or say? To those of you who like to be aware and conscious about how you are living your lives, you will be very aware that we also have a choice in every moment what to think or not to think. Although our minds are often very dominant in our lives, WE ARE NOT OUR MIND and we do have a say in what thought processes can be dominant at any given time.  Let’s get right back to basics here. When you are unwell and you know that getting more sleep or eating such and such will help you recover, and you do not do it, you are effectively saying to yourself that you are choosing to maintain or encourage your poor state of health. When you do the opposite, you are signaling to your body that you place a value on it beyond what it can do for you and that you are prepared to give yourself what you need to get well. But let’s get beneath this surface layer and look at the deeper issues around choice and health. Accommodation of Ill-Health As a Homeopath I see many chronically unwell patients. Some with a multitude of conditions lasting many years. Often they have done many practical things to try and get well and conventional medicine has had no answers for them. Sometimes they have also tried many alternative medical approaches for their health, and for some reason they still are unwell.  When this happens there is consequentially a considerable accommodation of their illness... read more

Asthma Treatment, A New Approach

Like eczema, asthma is an inflammatory disease. In asthma the airways become constricted by swelling, making breathing difficult. In developed countries 1 in 4 children have asthma as opposed to 1 in 18 people 40 years ago. Corticosteroids such as Flixotide and Pulmicort in the form of puffers are widely used to treat asthma but these pharmaceutical drugs do nothing to change the progression of the disease. A broader, nutritional and environmental approach is required, and when combining this approach with Homeopathy, significant improvements or cures can be achieved. Pharmaceutical medications According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, there was no difference in rates of asthma or morning breathing between those individuals using their medications daily as prescribed, and those using them intermittently.(1) This study suggests that daily use of corticosteroids may not be necessary and this is good news as these medications have some serious side effects. These longer term side effects include reduction of 1 inch of height per year in children and loss of bone density in later life. This does suggest that it would be worth exploring with your GP whether you can safely reduce the use of your puffer. (1) H Boushey et al., ‘Daily versus As-Needed Corticosteroids fro Mild persistent Asthma’ New England Journal of medicine, vol 352 (15), 2005, pp1519-28 Environmental Load An effective approach to asthma treatment is to reduce the total ‘environmental load’ that an asthma sufferer is experiencing. This includes identifying food, chemical and environmental allergens, decreasing inflammatory agents in the diet, and reducing stress which is a well established asthma trigger. Reducing this... read more

Treating Insomnia with Homeopathy

Insomnia is often a complex problem with many underlying factors at play. The most common cause of chronic insomnia is actually the fear of not being able to sleep which is kind of ironic isn’t it? In my previous blog post: Homeopathy and Insomnia – The Background – I explained the main chemicals involved in sleep and gave nutritional and supplemental advice. Now I am going to look at some specific Homeopathic medicines that may help you with your sleeping issues. Using Homeopathy yourself for Insomnia As insomnia is such a complex problem often with issues such as underlying anxiety, it usually requires the services of a professional Homeopath. I find that treating the whole person is highly effective. However, if your sleep issue fits the descriptions in the medicines below, they are definitely worth a try, especially if you have not had your insomnia for a long time. Some General Self-Help Stop all work (including social networking on your computor)  1 hour before bedtime Increase your exercise to daily but not after 5pm Avoid eating after 8pm Avoid ALL caffeine products including chocolate A milk drink before bed supplies extra Tryptophan Wake the same time each day Remove the clock from your room Homeopathic medicines that may help you Coffea 30 Use this medicine when you have mental over-activity due to good or bad newsl and you are just unable to switch off. Nux Vomica 30 When you are under enormous mentaL strain or pressure, or you have withdrawn recently from alcohol or sleeping tablets. Significant irritability in the daytime will be experienced when you need this medicine.... read more

Treating Insomnia, The Background

Lack of sleep can be a terrible thing. It affects your mood, your physical condition and mental acuity. When it is chronic and insomnia becomes a part of your life, it can get overwhelming. In all cases chronic insomnia starts with a specific trigger such as being woken by a newborn baby,  or suffering an emotional upheaval or stress, and then is maintained either because the original stressor does not subside or because your body’s response to it becomes habitual. This post examines the chemical and hormonal background behind insomnia with a view to increasing your understanding and therefore your ability to overcome it. Mindset It is so easy to say this and hard to hear, but your mindset can be an important factor in overcoming insomnia. I think it is very important that once you understand some of the underlying hormonal influencers on your sleep patterns, you can start to feel more in control and empowered around your sleep issue. The moment you relinquish the idea of you being able to effect a change, then you also give up the power to help yourself. Anxiety and insomnia More often than not anxiety plays a major part in insomnia. Even if anxiety was not your original trigger, the sense of anxiety that arises around not being able to sleep means that it can become a significant and understandable factor. This is commonly treated with Homeopathy. Let’s take a look at the main chemical and hormonal influencers on our sleep. Adrenaline This is our get up and go hormone. Levels are at their peak in the morning to get you... read more

Best Homeopathy Information Websites

The Homeopathic Coach website has been designed for the lay person or patient who wants to start finding out about Homeopathy. It provides a free video crash course covering the basic explanations about what Homeopathy is, how it works, why it is different to conventional medicine and it covers various self treatments such as how to treat sports injuries, and jetlag. Once you have read everything on my site and feel you want to look deeper into Homeopathy then check out some (or all) of the great websites outlines below. This is not an extensive list and if you have any that you would like to recommend feel free to link to them in the comments below this article on my blog. Hpathy This first website is a wonderful source of all things Homeopathic from news, products and interviews with influential figures in the Homeopathic world community. It has been sending out a newsletter worldwide since 2004 and has half a million viewers each month with 40,000 subscribers reading its news. It has an excellent database of articles. On the homepage you will find an option to click that you are either a Homeopath, student, patient or skeptic. make sure you select the appropriate route, as the portal is so vast that otherwise you maybe in danger of getting lost and it helps guide you to the information you need. Homeopathy World community Started by Homeopath and social media savvy Debby Bruck, this site is a social media interactive forum. The vast majority of members are actually practicing Homeopaths but the site is open and welcome to all. There is a... read more

Top 10 Tips for Good Health!

It often occurs to me that if many of us just knew a little bit more about how to move ourselves from ill-health to health, or to move from average health to tip top vibrancy, we would all be happier. I cannot profess to have all the answers, but in this article I want to share with you some of the key strategies that I have found from both personal and professional experience, actually make a profound difference, whatever your health starting point might be. So here are my Top 10 Tips for Good Health. Before I start with the top 10 tips for good health I have to tell you that I wanted to write at least 20! When you begin to see what changes can be made, and think about information that may just make a difference to the health of other people, it’s very hard to decide what to leave out! However, in the interests of keeping my posts short and sweet, here are my 10! Eat more living and raw foods in your diet and remove processed and refined foods. If you are already aware of the idea of increasing raw food in your diet you will understand that this is because raw food is literally packed with life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins and minerals. No-one has processed it or changed it, and it is just as nature produced it. As Karen Knowler says, raw food is “living food for living bodies”. Once you start eating it you will immediately notice the difference not only in your physical body, but also on the mental... read more

Research Proof for Homeopathy

2009 saw Homeopathy under attack particularly in the UK but also worldwide due to the effectiveness of the internet. There seems to be a small but organised anti-homeopathy lobby who have very loud voices and  the press tend to provide considerable media coverage to their press releases. When there is so much clinical evidence that Homeopathy works, this set of individuals have to practice intellectual dishonesty by literally ignore its existence in order to hold what is a very negative position about this effective medicine. This article seeks to share some research and clinical trial references with you, so if you want to know more you can go and read them for yourself. The amount of research available is considerable but with the permission of Robert Medhurst from Brauers, I have reproduced some of his information, and this article contains some useful inks for you to look further. Homeopathy has been around since the late 18th century and was developed by a German chemist. Currently Homeopathic medicines cost very little to produce and dispense, and therefore are not a potential high profit option for pharmaceutical companies. In fact ,when Homeopathic treatment eliminates the need for continued use of pharmaceuticals, this is not good news for drug companies! Interestingly, it has been said that some of the most loud dissenters of Homeopathy are supported or linked to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Go figure 🙂 Unfortunately the negative voices against Homeopathy have excellent support in the media so retractions and articles in response are not sensational and do not get coverage and exposure, so it is important that if... read more

Treat Your own Nausea in Pregnancy with Homeopathy

Sometimes euphemistically called ‘Morning sickness’, nausea and vomiting can unfortunately be a common issue for pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. By week 14 many women find that their nausea symptoms are often improved and for some completely gone; however for some pregnant women nausea and vomiting can continue until birth (although this is rare.) There are multiple theories around why nausea and vomiting are a common experience for many pregnant women. Dismissed by medics as a simple hormonal imbalance it is not actually known why this occurs and I believe it is more complex. It is an interesting thought that pregnancy is the first time that our bodies grow an effectively ‘foreign’ tissue inside them and the first time our bodies undergo such an amazing transformation. It is no wonder really that at many levels there may be hurdles and imbalances, and perhaps resistance on some deep levels, as this amazing effort takes place. On the physical, mental and emotional levels the mother has to surrender to the process of pregnancy whilst finding a balance within herself that takes care of her own person as well as the growing life of her baby. This is a really huge deal! Homeopathy can alleviate these symptoms and it is also important to follow the self-help measures below. Self-Help 1.Low blood sugar can sometimes be a trigger for nausea in pregnancy. In view of this, it is a good idea to keep a low sugar, high protein snack with you at all times.  I suggest pumpkin seeds or trail mix and that you eat small, frequent meals. 2.If your nausea... read more