Holistic Counselling and Process Orientated Psychotherapy?

I have been training in a new and deep approach to finding health and well being through a form of Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy called Process Oriented Psychotherapy. (Yes, it’s quite a mouthful:). This post explains why this is hugely important for recovering from chronic ill health and why it offers a paradigm shift in the way we approach psychological issues.

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Treating Whooping Cough with Homeopathy

Any chronic cough can be scary but the words “Whooping Cough” strikes fear into most people. Whooping Cough is currently prevalent around Sydney and I have been treating a family who have it. This article with share with you my top tips for treating this potentially nasty cough.

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Resistance or Letting go?

This morning I woke at 5.30am with a migraine headache. Ostensibly it was not the best start to my day but now as I write this post at 10am I know what a powerful gift my morning migraine was to me today. This post is about three crucial concepts, – Resistance, Acceptance and Letting go, or allowing. It is about how awareness of how to apply these three simple concepts, can change your life.

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Solve Back to School Anxiety with Homeopathy

Going back to school can be really daunting for many kids. Homeopathy treats back to school anxiety or nerves very effectively and I am going to show you what to do, as well as give you some further self help tips if you a parent of an anxious child. Although severe or chronic anxiety needs a consultation with a professional Homeopath, if your child is worrying unduly about a test, then Homeopathy may be an easy solution.

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Solving Chronic Fatigue Part 2

If you are tired all the time you may have already heard the term “active rest”. Studies show that  prolonged periods in bed for Chronic Fatigue sufferers are not beneficial. My experience and research as a Homeopath has led me to make certain recommendations to patients that seem to give good results. This article will focus on what active steps you can take, if you have been diagnosed with Chronic fatigue. If you want to know how important your Adrenals are in this illness read Part 1 here. Part 3 will focus on Nutrition. But I’m too tired to exercise! As a previous sufferer of Chronic fatigue myself, I know really well how impossible it feels when people advise you to exercise. It’s hard enough to walk to the post box let alone do something more physical. First of all you need to change your mindset. Your body at the moment is very very fatigued. This is because there are some major functional disturbances going on and some of your endocrine glands such as your adrenals are struggling big time. However, studies show that graded exercise programs really do help sufferers and within 4 weeks. If it’s really going to help you, then it’s definitely going to be worth it right? The Secret of Routine One of the major tricks to helping yourself is to have a very structured routine. This means you eat the right foods (more of that in Part 3) at the same time everyday, you exercise and you actively rest at certain times. This way your body gets used to backing you up when you need it when... read more

Why am I so tired? Chronic Fatigue Part 1

Chronic fatigue is often a term given to individuals with a set of symptoms that cannot be labelled as anything else. It is a somewhat tricky label to have, because it carries with it a sense that you are in it for the long term and often individuals hear discouraging statements such as “You never really get over it – you just learn to manage it”. I am writing a series of articles to try and shed some light on this tricky health problem, not only because there are many suffers out there, but also because I received this chronic fatigue diagnosis myself many years ago and had to successfully negotiate my own way to health. What is Chronic Fatigue? Chronic fatigue is, in my opinion, a catch-all label that covers many different conditions. Most chronic fatigue sufferers actually have functional disturbance in many systems in their body. Although this makes it complicated to diagnose and treat, it also is an opportunity for health, because often most of the problems are related to functional pathology rather than tissue pathology. This means that when you find out what is miss-functioning you can work out to put it right and response is often very good. Follow the 5 Steps In my experience as a practitioner, a condition such as Chronic fatigue, with its many underlying issues, needs five main steps to enable recovery to be possible: Careful, clear diagnostics from a good natural therapist who understands this problem, OR a conventionally qualified medical person who has specialised in this very condition. The reason for this will become clear later on in... read more

A Day in my Homeopathic Clinic

So yesterday was a pretty typical day in my Homeopathic clinic. For those of you that have never been to see a Homeopath, I wanted to share a bit about what went on yesterday, so you can get an idea of what Homeopaths treat and how they work. Typically I might see 5-6 patients in an average clinic day. This may not sound like many, but with new patients I spend an hour with them and follow-ups are usually 30-45 minutes depending on the case.  I will also answer ongoing and current patient emails and take a phone consult or two for an acute prescription, usually from an existing patient or for a child. I also do online skype consults from around the world. Immunity boosting Homeopathy Yesterday I treated a pregnant mother of a two year old, who has also booked in her toddler to see me next week. She needed help with her weakened immune system and various pregnancy ailments.I prescribed three medicines for her. One to use now to alleviate the chest infection she is experiencing, and then another to follow on after that to really boost her immune system and eliminate her susceptibility to bronchitis. I also prescribed a tissue salt homeopathic medicine to help her energy levels. I will see her again in three weeks.  I also shared with her my Treat Yourself Natural Pregnancy System because she is very keen on Homeopathy and knows that this is the only type of medication you can safely take during pregnancy. A case of major disappointment I then treated by phone, a client whose symptoms are primarily emotional... read more

Can You Simply CHOOSE Health?

Choices are everywhere at every moment. What shall we eat? What shall we do or say? To those of you who like to be aware and conscious about how you are living your lives, you will be very aware that we also have a choice in every moment what to think or not to think. Although our minds are often very dominant in our lives, WE ARE NOT OUR MIND and we do have a say in what thought processes can be dominant at any given time.  Let’s get right back to basics here. When you are unwell and you know that getting more sleep or eating such and such will help you recover, and you do not do it, you are effectively saying to yourself that you are choosing to maintain or encourage your poor state of health. When you do the opposite, you are signaling to your body that you place a value on it beyond what it can do for you and that you are prepared to give yourself what you need to get well. But let’s get beneath this surface layer and look at the deeper issues around choice and health. Accommodation of Ill-Health As a Homeopath I see many chronically unwell patients. Some with a multitude of conditions lasting many years. Often they have done many practical things to try and get well and conventional medicine has had no answers for them. Sometimes they have also tried many alternative medical approaches for their health, and for some reason they still are unwell.  When this happens there is consequentially a considerable accommodation of their illness... read more