The Healing Power of Arnica

Arnica is perhaps the most well known homeopathic medicine. Even those who do not understand what homeopathy is, have often heard of Arnica and the reason is simple….Arnica can produce oustanding healing with everyday injuries. The plant from which Arnica is made is comonly called Leopard’s Bane and is found on hillsides. It has been used effectively for centuries in its herbal form and like many herbs it has its share of natural toxins. Due to the methods used to prepare homeopathic Arnica (which means all toxins are removed) it’s healing properties can be used safely and to wonderful effect. So what can you use Arnica for? It is the NO 1 medicine for treating injury. This is because its sphere of action is on the blood vessels assisting healing and causing re-absorption of blood so preventing bruising and reducing inflammation. It also works by regulating the heart after injury and amazingly it works to stop internal and external haemorrage. The beneficial effects of taking Arnica are so transparent in use that if this is the only homeopathic medicine you use regularly, you will observe its healing properties again and again. Here are some common uses: SHOCK Arnica is excellent for shock and trauma after injury. From the distress of a small child who has fallen over in the playground, to the serious shock of a person involved in a car accident. When someone is suffering from shock they may say that they are ok and then collapse later. Shock causes reduced blood flow to the brain and thus confusion. So if someone involved in an accident say they... read more

Homeopathy and Hangovers

Head pounding, nausea, bad taste in the mouth and feeling as if you are dragging your body around…..these are some of the many hangover symptoms we are all familiar with. Even the most well intentioned amongst us can get caught out during the holiday season by over indulging – but fear not because homeopathic help is at hand! There are many homeopathic medicines that may be appropriate for the symptoms caused by these holiday excesses, but one remedy in particular is king when it comes to hangovers……Nux Vomica. This homeopathic medicine can single handedly alleviate the symptoms of both a hangover and over eating. If this sounds like your Christmas experience then read on….. Nux Vomica is the first remedy to think of with a hangover headaches, but it is also excellent for headaches from overwork, indigestion headaches and headaches accompanying constipation. Use it when your headache is worse when you cough or bend down, and headaches that aggravate when you move your eyes. If you have overeaten and drunk too much alcohol, you may also feel nauseous and want to vomit to make yourself feel better but find you cannot. If this describes your symptoms then Nux Vomica is the remedy for you. When you are hungover you are likely to feel irritable and grouchy (who wouldn’t?!). You may also be hypersensitive to noise, light and odors. If this picture is familiar, take Nux Vomica 30c half hourly until the symptoms start to subside. If you have pillules drop them into a glass of water, stir it and take a generous sip each dose until you are feeling better.... read more

Homeopathic Medicine: Taking and storing Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines are very different to conventional medicines as they are made in a completely different way. First a mother tincture is made from the original substance and pure alcohol. Then a drop of this mixture is placed in a measured amount of water and this mixture is sucussed. Sucussion is a process by which the mixture is given a measured amount of vigorous shaking. This process is then repeated many times depending on the desired potency of the medicine. It seems from some recent scientific studies that this process imparts an energetic imprint of the original substance to the water molecules. Storing your Homeopathic medicines So how can you store you homeopathic medicines? Because they are energetic medicines they need to be stored carefully. If you follow these guidelines below your remedies will last several years which makes them very good value for money! Store them in a cool place such as a drawer or cupboard. The ideal temperature range should be between 10-20C The medicines should be away from strong sunlight but having said this, it is best to have your bumps and bruises homeopathic first aid kit in your hot car to hand, when your kids fall over in the park then to have it cool at home! Do not keep them next to equipment that emits a strong electromagnetic field such as your computer, hands free home phone or mobile phone. Keep them away from strong smells such as essential oils and things you might use if you have a cold such as eucalyptus rubs or ‘tiger’ balms. Store all your remedies in a place... read more

Homeopathic Medicine: Making the Shift

Most of us have grown up in a conventional health system involving a sequence of events that goes something like this: 1. Symptoms appear 2. A visit to the doctor is made 3. The doctor pronounces a diagnosis 4. A prescription is given 5. We visit the pharmacy and collect it. 6. We follow the instructions and take themedicine. Homeopathic medicine involves the first step but misses the other 5 steps. So how do you adjust to this new way of operating around disease? The answer is that you take it in steps. You transition SLOWLY – and with all new things involving big changes, you need at times to go back and re-visit the old system especially, when you are learning a new way of operating. For some of you, the old system will cease to exist as you discover more and more about what you can do for your health or that of your family’s with Homeopathy. For others, there will be times when you feel confident and competent in homeopathic prescribing and other times when you feel more comfortable with the familiarity of the old system. The important thing is to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. In many cases your GP knows you, you know your GP. GP’s are on the whole highly skilled generalist conventional medical practitioners. They have a wealth of expertise in physical examination. They have sounded many chests and looked in many ears and they know what they are seeing when they observe physical symptoms. It’s just that the methods they use to solve the problem can sometimes like... read more

Treating Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Sometimes even the most calm person can experience stress and anxiety. Unfortunately in today’s world it’s very common to feel underlying anxiety for too much of the time, and depression too is all to prevalent. Homeopathy is effective in treating Anxiety, Stress and Depression So what can be done and how can Homeopathy help? Well I think it’s very important to know that there have been scientific research studies carried out on the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines on outcomes of patients with these conditions. Studies and Trials A randomized placebo controlled (but not double blind) trial with 60 subjects was conducted in France with patients suffering from anxiety in which half were given a homeopathic formula marketed as .L.72.2 in France and .Anti-anxiety. in the USA, while the control group was given a diazepam (Valium) (Heulluy, 1985). “The results indicated that L72 was as effective as diazepam on all measures.” Jonathan Davidson, MD, a professor of psychiatry at Duke University, conducted a small study of adults with major depression, social phobia, or panic disorder. He found that 60% of the patients responded favorably to homeopathic treatment (Davidson, 1995; Davidson, 1997). Dana Ullman states: “When one recognizes the considerable safety in using homeopathic medicines, it is remarkable that the majority of psychiatrists and psychologists are not referring appropriate patients to homeopaths prior to having powerful conventional drugs prescribed for them. ” Happy Homeopathic healing to you all! © Sam Adkins 2011 Would you like to include this article in your newsletter or website? You can as long as you include the following blurb with it: This article was brought to... read more

The 7 ‘Commandments’ of Homeopathic Healing

Do you ever go to a single appointment for a health issue with your doctor and then not go back to find out his/her opinion? Do you consider that you know better how your treatment might be progressing than the specialist you have just paid to see? It seems with Homeopathy this can happen and it is easy to understand why. I want to share a patient story from my clinic last week and explain why this happens, so you do not make the same mistake. The Patient Experience Spectrum There are two main types of patients in the Homeopathic practice spectrum of experience. At one end of the spectrum we have patients who are using Homeopathy for the very first time. They know someone who has had a good result using Homeopathy so they are prepared to come and give it a go so they have some faith that it might work for them but they do not understand it’s philosophy. Then at the other extreme end of this patient spectrum are the regular Homeopathic users. They have had experience with homeopathy and they always come back when they need it because they know it works and have a good understanding of how it works. The Importance of the Second Consultation When Homeopaths prescribe for a patient who is new to Homeopathy there are some key things they need to convey. The Homeopath tries to convey some information about the process of healing that he/she hopes will occur if the medicine is correct. This is important because a new patient of Homeopathy has been conditioned by conventional medicine... read more

What do YOU Hold Onto?

Sometimes it’s appropriate to hold on! Last week in my clinic I treated a diverse range of patients with very different health or emotional complaints. There are two cases that I particularly want to share with you today because they have something in common…….they are both to do with holding on to something. The first is Charlotte who was pregnant and the second was a chronically constipated little boy who we will call Jem. Charlotte: The Power of Homeopathy and Placebo Charlotte’s baby was overdue and her obstetrician was pushing for an induction. This is a familiar story except in Charlotte’s case her first birth had been extremely traumatic and she had experienced a spinal leak from an epidural which put her flat on her back in those first precious days after birth which started a whole host of breastfeeding issues. She called in a panic and came to see me to start labour with Homeopathic medicines. It is my strong belief that a baby who is not ready to be born will not be coaxed out with homeopathy or acupuncture. However, if the mother has emotional reasons either consciously or subconsciously for fearing the birth (and therefore ‘holding on”) , then this can be shifted easily with Homeopathy if the medicines are well selected. What is incredibly important for an overdue mother is the way in which a Homeopath speaks to the her. I never promise the medicines will definitely work; but usually after talking with an overdue mother and discussing various past experiences and fears and anxieties, it is pretty clear IF she will respond by letting... read more

Homeopathy May Help with Chemo Side-Effects

By Leslie Vandever Cancer is a terrible scourge, killing millions of people every year throughout the world. In the U.S. alone, cancer is the second most common cause of death. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 1,665,540 new cases diagnosed and more than a half-million deaths from cancer this year alone. Yet because of huge advances in medical science, cancer is no longer necessarily a death sentence. With focused, intense therapy involving chemical drugs or radiation, thousands of people today survive cancer and go on to live vibrant, healthy,happy, and fulfilled lives. Still, that therapy can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects. Most are temporary, but they can have a significant effect on the patient’s quality of life. Different types of therapy cause different side-effects—and not everyone gets them—but the most common include: nausea or vomiting fatigue mouth sores mouth or throat pain (stomatitis) skin soreness (dermatitis) constipation or diarrhea pain appetite changes hair loss stress anxiety depression You may be able to treat some of these side-effects with homeopathy, a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Homeopathy treats patients with highly diluted substances, usually from plants, minerals, and animals that may trigger the body’s innate, natural healing response. Under the theory of “like cures like,” homeopathy practitioners believe that a substance that causes symptoms in large doses can, in tiny amounts, treat those same symptoms. The substance is diluted to such an infinitesimal amount it’s rendered non-toxic. Note: do not use homeopathic preparations before conventional cancer treatments (such as for preventative purposes). They may interfere with the cell-destroying effects of those treatments. Use them only... read more