How to Listen Powerfully

We like to think we are listening properly to our partners, children, and work colleagues. But are we doing an effective job of it? This blog post explores a new way…..

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Teenager Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, Stress and Depression can be Experienced by our Teenagers. It’s true to say that many of us experience life as busy and sometimes stressful. Teenagers are no exception. They have their own stressors whether from family, or school. To add to their load, they also have significant peer group stressors and this can sometimes be experienced as overwhelming. Problems manifest differently in Teenage girls and boys In my counselling clinic I see children as young as 9 or 10 developing emotional or psychological difficulties that I used to see more often in teenagers. With these children it’s very important that they gain some insight into their struggle. So I work with them to give them tools and strategies to assist them as they enter their teenage years. Social pressures amongst girls can escalate as hormones kick in during puberty, so the children who already have a toolkit of strategies to draw on can often cope very well. With boys I tend to see those who are well into puberty and are not coping at all well with those disruptive hormones; and who become sullen and withdrawn as well as sometimes angry. Often this is mostly contained at home which means the parents take the brunt of it all; but sometimes it spills over into school life and you can find your son getting into trouble and under performing in class. Pressure can Translate into Anxiety When teenagers find there is too much pressure they can sometimes become either depressed or anxious. I treated a teenage boy a few years back who was suffering from anxiety and finding simple... read more

Anxiety and Bullying in kids

Starting school can be daunting but the playground can cause kids to experience anxiety. What can we do about it? The Homeopathic Coach shares some tips.

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Family Homeopathy Needs

As a homeopath running a busy Family Homeopathy clinic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I need to regularly sit back and take stock of what is coming through my clinic door in terms of ailments most often. It seems that over the last decade, the nature of repetitive upper respiratory infections has changed and all too often, I see a family recycling coughs and colds and not being able to shake them.

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How to De-Stress Yourself

Everyone feels stressed sometimes in their lives and some of us feel it often as we are constantly doing too much and juggling too many things. When I start having daydreams of taking time out to go and sit on a empty beach with my nearest and dearest, I know it’s time to step up the things that help me de-stress. Here are the things that help me most when my head and/or life feels over loaded.

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6 Tips for Natural Healthy Skin

Our skin is our largest organ in the body and serves many different functions such as protection and elimination. Often we just take our skin health for granted and when we have small dry patches or outbreaks we tend to reach for a quick fix rather then look deeper into what the underlying causes might be. In this post I’ll be sharing 6 dos and don’ts for skin.

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